Job Descriptions


It takes a lot of people to run a swim team and all of the activities. Look at the descriptions, see what’s needed or hasn’t been filled, and step up. Please note that some jobs require special training; check with a coach or a board member before signing up for that position.

Please check the website for the most up-to-date list of Coordinator/Lead Positions.

Coach Support

  • Publicity Coordinator: Provide the PH/Martinez Record, Martinez Gazette, and/or PH Community Focus photos and articles, including stats from the meets. 
  • Parent-Coach Liaisons: Supports age group coach in communications with age group parents.  Assist and lead in welcoming new members to the team in their age group.  Communicate with coach about parent concerns and questions.
  • Team Director: Assist head coach in team communications internally and externally, and management of team functions, and events.


Fundraising Board Member: Provide overall support and coordination for the team’s fundraising events.

  • Christmas Tree Lot: Coordinate between Dolfins, PH Rec, and Noble Ridge Tree Farm for the dates of sale and the contract. Send dumpster donation request to Allied Waste. Schedule workers and coordinate with tree lot owner to increase Dolfins presence at lot.
  • Battle of the Ages: Get Ads & Sponsors in support of Battle & manage all Battle Donations.
  • Pizza/Cookie Dough Sales: Coordinate date with company, place fliers in swimmer’s folders, collect order forms/money, and arrange pick-up date for ordered goods.
  • Swim-A-Thon: Create sponsorship fliers, select prizes, and put sponsorship fliers in each family file. Review the swimmers’ lap sheets, collect money and turn in to Treasurer, and reward prize winners.

Meet Operations

Board Member: Provide overall support and coordination for the team’s swim meets.

Meet Coordination Jobs – Overall coordinating positions to ensure meets run smoothly

  • Awards, Ribbons & Trophies: Inventory and order ribbons and awards for the entire season, including Battle of the Ages.
  • Desk Operations: Coordinate HyTek Computer, Timing System & Desk positions at the meets.  Ensure trained workers are available to support these functions.
  • Grill Operations: Barbecue at meets, clean and maintain the BBQ as needed.
  • Head Starter/Referee: Coordinate Starter & Referee pre-season training and rotations during meets.
  • League Community Outreach: Coordinate & support Lafayette Swim Conference outreach, including communicating to Dolfins and other league teams.
  • League Meet Programs/Ads: Get Ads for League Championship Meet and collect inputs from various sources to create and coordinate printing of League Championship Programs.  Inputs include Cover Art, Ads, Event Sheets, Snack Shack Menu, Thanks, Worker Lists, and Clerk.
  • Meet Computer Coordinator: Coordinate entries for meets. Post meet results back to TU. Send meet results to the paper.
  • Meet Computer Assistant: Assist Meet Computer Coordinator with entries and results.
  • Meet Scheduler: Attend “Scheduling League Meeting.” Schedule remaining meets by contacting various teams and requesting meet dates. Place dates and all team activities on the Master Calendar.
  • Parent Work Scheduler: Identify jobs that need to be done in support of running meets at home and attending away & invitational meets.  Work with Team Unify support to input work assignments into Team Unify. Ensure that there are adequate volunteers to run the meet. Assign workers to their stations.
  • Setup/Takedown Supervisor: Coordinate and manager set-up and take down at home meets.

At Meet Jobs – Jobs needed to run swim meets

  • Announcer (1 per meet): Announce each event and the results after each event has been processed in the computer.  Keep the meet moving in a timely manner.  TRAINING REQUIRED
  • Computer System (2 per meet): During the meet update swimmer data and confirm timing system times recorded properly for each event.  Generate labels for ribbons & meet results posting.  TRAINING REQUIRED
  • Desk (2 per meet): Review, sort & reconcile time slips provided by the runner after each race.  Combine with race printouts from the timing system and pass them to the meet computer workers.  TRAINING REQUIRED
  • Head Timer (1 per meet): Act as a backup to lane timers.  Time any land where the lane time did not start his/her watch.  If all lanes covered time the winner of the heat.
  • Hospitality (2 per meet): Prepare and serve refreshments to meet workers.
  • Recycling Manager (1 per meet): Recruit help to collect at meet and turn in for cash after meet.
  • Referee (1 per meet): Partner with the starter and get swimmers prepared to start each race.  Responsible for the pace of the meet and issues for current heats.  TRAINING REQUIRED
  • Relief Timer (1 per meet): Provide relief for timers periodically throughout the meet.
  • Ribbon Writers (3 per meet for second half of meet): Place labels on ribbons & file in team bags.  For Dolfins awards place in blue cabinet for swimmers to pick up.
  • Runner (3 per meet): Pick up lane slips from Timers at the conclusion of each event, sort by lane and provide to desk workers.
  • Shepherds (3 per meet): Help the coaches get the 8 & under swimmers to their correct lanes to start the event.  Encourage young swimmers.
  • Snack Shack (5 to 10 per meet): Prepare & sell food items at the Snack Shack during the meet.
  • Starter (1 per meet): Give instructions to the swimmers and start the swimmers for each heat.  Call false starts if necessary.  TRAINING REQUIRED
  • Stroke & Turn Judge (3 per meet): Walk the pool deck during meet, noting any irregularities in swimmer’s strokes, turns or touches.  Write disqualification slips as needed.  TRAINING REQUIRED
  • Timers (3 per lane): Start Stopwatch at start of race & sit and push timing button and/or stopwatch at the end of each race.  Please do not bring cell phones or children while you time.
  • Timing System (2 per meet): Run the timing system during the meet ensuring the system is ready to start each race and records each swimmer.  Ensure system is properly set up at the beginning of meet and taken down after the meet.  TRAINING REQUIRED
  • Work Shift Coordinator (1 per meet):  Check-in/check-out workers at the meets.  Find additional workers at meet as needed. 

Snack Shack

Snack Shack Coordinators/Assistants: Manage all aspects of snack shack operations, including purchasing, food preparation and selling food until closing of snack shack.  After working, clean up and inventory.  Coordinate food & helpers for the Ice Cream Social/Last Day Party, Pasta Feed, Teen Breakfast and other team events.

Social Events

Social Director Board Member/Assistant: Provide overall support and coordination for the team’s social events.  Ensure each social event has a parent coordinator and check in with them to ensure event’s success.

  • 8-&-Under Party: Organize and manage the 8-&-Under Pool Party
  • 9–10 Party: Organize and manage the 9–10 Bowling Party
  • 11–12 Party: Organize and manage the 11–12 Luau Party
  • 13–18 Party: Organize and manage the 13–18 Party
  • 13–18 Rafting Trip: Organize and promote the raft trip. Make arrangements with the rafting company. Collect money and waivers. Coordinator works closely with the head coach.
  • 4th of July Parade: Organize and promote the Dolfins float in the 4th of July parade, including scheduling a decorating time.
  • Awards Night: Arrange location, date, awards, food and decorations for end of season Awards Night, including ordering, pick-up and delivery of trophies.
  • Coach Appreciation: Decide how swimmers will show appreciation to their coaches. Then arrange and coordinate activities.
  • End of Year Book: Collects team statistics for the season. Edits them into a book and arranges for printing and distribution during Awards Night.
  • Parent Relay: Host a Time Trial for parents interested in participating in the 4x25 yard freestyle relays held during CCSL. Coordinate relays. List team members during CCSL.
  • Senior Coach Day: Coordinate and deliver ice cream/treats for senior coaches and swimmers for both 8 & under practices.  Lead team communications for the event through email, posters and flyers to the 8 & under age groups and the 13-18 age group to ensure that older kids attend.  Design scavenger hunt or other activity for 13-18s for after the 8 & under practice that day.
  • Slide Show: Prepare and present slide show of the swimming season.  Provide District with a copy of the slide show for archival.
  • Waterslide Trip: Arrange a waterslide park a date for team trip, place fliers in all family folders, find out how many are going, collect money and waivers, secure and distribute tickets.
  • Win League Week Activities: Organize and manage activities for Win League Week.

Team Operations

Board Member: Provide overall support and coordination for the team’s operations.

  • Blue Book (Dolfins Handbook): Put together and arrange for the printing of the handbook for distribution prior to the beginning of the season.
  • Communications: Send emails to Dolfins families, giving information and updates.
  • File Cabinet: Organize Dolfins file folders and blue file cabinet.
  • Honor Bag / Flippy Patch Distribution: Hand out Honor Bags and/or Flippy Patches for swimmers who have reached a white star time for the first time in their age group.
  • New Family Hospitality: Make sure new families are paired with returning families to help new families get adjusted to swim team life and answer questions a new family may have.
  • Picture Coordinator/Picture Day: Take & collect pictures/slides during swim meets to be used during Awards Night and/or to be used with newspaper articles. Get a variety of photos from all age groups.  For picture day, contact photographer, set a date and time for team picture, distribute photographer’s pamphlets, and distribute the final photo orders.
  • Pop Up Awards: Print time improvements roster weekly, file pop up awards, and schedule parents to distribute pops.
  • Record Board & Stars: Update record board on the wall of the pool deck. Keep records and distribute Red, White, Blue, and Gold Stars to swimmers.
  • Swimmer of the Week: Give coaches information about this program. Get swimmer information from coaches, take swimmers’ pictures, and display the Swimmers of the Week each week.
  • Team Meeting: Coordinate the beginning of the season team meeting.
  • Team Sales (1-2 per home meet): Order caps, goggles, t-shirts, sweats, etc., before swim season begins. Display, sell, and put away team merchandise for each home meet. Proceeds are given to club treasurer.
  • Team Suit Sales: Coordinate with Nor Cal Swim Shop to set up suit try on day, and following through with the order.
  • Webmaster: Manage all aspects of the team’s website, keeping information current.

Battle of the Ages

Meet Director/Board Member: Invite and work with teams and maintain contact through off-season. Oversee all aspects of Battle of the Ages through the following committees.

  • Assistant Meet Director: Overall planning and management of Battle of the Ages including overall schedule, meet format, and communication.
  • Battle Food: Manage all food related activities including food sold by snack bar, vendors, and hospitality.  For hospitality, coordinate all donations and food to be provided to coaches and workers during the meet.
  • Event Operations: Responsible for the running of a smooth meet including facilities, day of meet operations, and setup/takedown.
  • Swimmer Operations: Manage and process swimmer entries from receipt through results, desk operations at the meet, clerk of the course and awards.

Pre Meet Jobs (equals Battle work commitment):

  • Ads/Sponsors: Work with the Fundraising lead with acquiring ads and sponsorship, along with all Battle donations.
  • Battle Program: Collect inputs from various sources to create and coordinate printing of Battle Programs.  Inputs include Cover Art, Ads, Event Sheets, Snack Shack Menu, Thanks, Worker Lists, and Clerk.
  • Event Sponsors: Post & Collect Event Sponsor sign ups.  Forward Family Name and Sponsor Quote to Entries Coordinator to include in program
  • Parking Manager: Collect VIP Parking payments prior to meet from Dolfins Families and visiting teams, including contacting visiting teams for orders.  Work with Parking Marshalls during the meet to ensure parking lots attended to.
  • Raffle: Run small and large raffles and silent auction with drawings at the meet with pre-event and day of meet ticket sales.  Includes Raffle at Parent Meeting & Time Trials.
  • Recycling Manager:  Work with Republic Services to get recycling bins at the pool and recruit help to collect recycling at meet and turn in for cash after the meet.
  • Vendor Fair: Recruit and support Vendors at Battle, including coordinating with a T-Shirt vendor to create and sell Battle T-shirts.

At Meet Jobs – In addition to the jobs described in Meet Operations:

  • Ad/Scratch Computer: Update Computer with Ads or Scratches at the beginning of the meet each day and in Clerk during Meet & reprint necessary paper work.  TRAINING REQUIRED
  • Candy/Ice Cream Sales: Sell Candy & Ice Cream at the meet at a booth outside of the Snack Shack.
  • Clerk of the Course: Check swimmers in at the meet and get them seated prior to the meet in the Clerk area and get swimmers to the block to swim.  TRAINING REQUIRED
  • Coaches Support: Single point of contact for visiting coaches.  Hand out Coaches bags before meet each day and provide support to coaches throughout the meet.
  • Food Donation Pickup: Stop by Costco & Noah's Bagels and other locations as directed by snack shack coordinator for food donation pick-ups. 
  • Grill: Barbecue at the meet, clean and maintain the BBQ as needed.
  • Head Marshall: Coordinate marshals throughout PHMS ensuring full coverage and giving breaks when needed. 
  • Hospitality Manager:  Manage Hospitality to coaches and workers during the meet.
  • Photo Center: Print & Fulfill Battle Shot orders.
  • Photographers: Take pictures of swimmers during meet that have purchased Battle Shots & bring Memory card to Picture booth for printing.
  • Raffle Ticket Sales: Sell Raffle Tickets at table and in crowd and manage raffle table during meet.
  • Popcorn/Sno Cones Sales:  Set up stand for sales and prepare and sell Popcorn & Sno Cones at the meet.
  • Program Sales: Sell Meet Programs on Friday night, Saturday & Sunday Mornings.  Friday night also collect VIP Parking payments.
  • Security: Provide a set of eyes overnight Friday and Saturday of Battle weekend.  Report any suspicious activity to Pleasant Hill Police.  TRAINING REQUIRED.
  • Set Up/Take Down: Set up meet on Friday night, primarily Clerk of the Course area.  Post signs where needed and rope of restricted areas.  Take down what was set up specifically for Battle on Friday night on Sunday at the conclusion of the meet. 
  • Twitter/Facebook: Stream live during battle to inform participants what is happening at battle & what events are being called to clerk.  Support Vendors & Sponsors throughout the meet.


Updated 4/18/2017