Meet Entries

We have a number of different styles of meets and procedures for entries. Please read the information below for more information.

To Sign Your Swimmer In or Out of a Meet

When you click on "Edit Commitment" for a particular meet (on the Events page), you get a listing of each of your swimmers on the team.  To declare the commitment for each, you click on the swimmer.  That takes you to a specific page for that swimmer.  If you select "Yes, please sign [(swimmer name)] up for this event, a section below will show up if any events are defined, allowing you to pick which events are available for registration. Please only select events for the meets following the guidelines below.


If you cannot attend a Dual Meet, please sign your swimmer(s) OUT by declaring NO, your swimmer cannot attend.  If you do not sign your swimmer(s) out, he or she will automatically be put in the meet. 

Coaches will choose events for swimmers at dual/tri meets.  If you have any scheduling challenges, please discuss this with your age group coach at least 5 days in advance.  Most dual/tri meets allow 3 events per swimmer, not including relays.


For invitational’s, your swimmer(s) will NOT be automatically entered in the meet.  You must sign your child in (or commit your child) to swimming at the invitational.

To sign up for an invitational, go to the meet on the Events page and edit your swimmer(s) commitment. You must select your swimmer's events for this meet to be entered (the events are determined by the team hosting the invitational). If you have any questions about what events to sign up for at an invitational, please e-mail your age group coach.

Invitational meets require entry fees for each swimmer from our team.  The Dolfins Parent Club pays these entry fees.  There are no changes or additions permitted for these special meets, so when a swimmer fails to show, all entries are forfeited, team points are lost and scratched relays leave three members of that relay disappointed.  If you commit your swimmer(s) to attend an invitational and they do not swim, you must reimburse the Dolfins Parent Club the meet entry fees paid on behalf of your swimmer(s).  Your swimmer(s) will not be entered in subsequent swim meets until the fees are paid.


It is fine to take as many vacations as you would like, just please let us know when you will be gone by going to the meet on the Events page and signing your swimmer(s) OUT of any meets they cannot attend.

Page Updated 05-07-18