Fun Facts

Team Name Change: Coaches Jennifer McGarry and Bob Blattner changed the name of the swim team from Dolphin to Dolfin in 1983. Coach Blattner, during his stint as Dolfin coach, enjoyed deliberately spelling names incorrectly (such as Bennifer instead of Jennifer and Dolfin instead of Dolphin –and no Jennifer didn’t change her name too). It was decided that they were far too many dolphin swim teams but no Dolfin Teams. Ask Coach Doug Reed about his grade on his “What I did on my summer vacation essay”, until his parents explained to his teacher that Dolfin was indeed spelled with an F instead of a PH.

Team Colors: The original team colors were royal blue and white.  These colors were changed in 1973 when Jennifer took over as head coach. The reason for the change was that there were other teams that used the team colors blue and white, but none that had “Columbia Blue and Maroon”.  (Do you see a pattern here?)

Team Mascot and Logo: The Dolphin with fins, better known as a “Dolfin” was created in 1984 by Robin Jensen an aquatic employee of the District. The team calls him “flippy” Robin’s sister Stacey created the Dolfin in the trophy.  Another mascot was Seymore, a very large, or very small magic yellow fish with purple polka dots.  He was very large while on the pool deck and tiny while in the pool.  He lived at the Dolfin pool and helped Dolfins to swim fast. Only Dolfins could see him. He left in 1996 and hasn’t been seen since. I’m thinking he is still around, but no one believes enough to see him. There is also another Dolphin named Duke at the “Park Pool” now known as the Pleasant Hill Aquatic Center. He was designed by Dolfin swimmer Raymond Paskey.

Awards Ceremony: The original Dolphin Awards Ceremony was held at Rodgers Smith Park after the County Meet. The ceremony was moved to the Pleasant Hill Community Center in 1973. In 2008 the ceremony was moved to the Pleasant Hill Aquatic Park on Gregory Lane. The first time not being held at the Community Center since 1973. The Awards Ceremony was moved back to the Pleasant Hill Community Center in 2009. The Community Center was torn down in 2011, opening as the "Gem of Pleasant Hill" on January 26, 2014.  Dolfin Awards in 2011 & 2012 were held at the Pleasant Hill Middle School, the Dolfins home pool.  In 2013 the Awards Ceremony was held at the Pleasant Hill Senior Center.  In 2014 the Awards Ceremony returned to the Pleasant Hill Community Center.

Families with the Dolfins the longest: Lahanas 21 years (1972-1992), Wettersten 20 years (1981-2000), Hellmann 19 years (1983-2001) Note: the Hellmann’s, in the 12 years as Dolfin Invitational Meet Directors, were instrumental in raising over $140,000 for the Swim Team, Paskey 18 years (1981-1998). There are MANY families that have been with the Dolfins more than 10 years. A special thank you.

Dolfin Parents that were Dolphin/Dolfin swimmers: Sherry (Beringer) Cabading, Vicki (Cowen) Burgos, Todd Taylor and Kathy (Beringer) Taylor, Lisa Morrell, Jody Kelsey Knight

Oldest Team Record: 1972- Boys 6 & under 25 yards Butterfly-18.70-Andy Benz.  Record tied in 1981 by David Boland. Other current team records made in the 70’s.  1977 Boys 6 & Under 25 yards Freestyle 17.00 –Jason Coleman and Boys 6 & Under Backstroke 19.44 Jason Coleman. 1977 Boys 7 & 8 , 25 yard Backstroke-17.08- Niko Lahanas. 1979 6 & Under Girls 25 yard freestyle 16.85 by Catherine Lahanas.

Original Home Pool: Park Pool, 147 Gregory Lane. Moved to Pleasant Hill High School in 1971. The team moved from its home pool at Pleasant Hill High School to College Park High School in 1982.  The Pleasant Hill High School had closed in 1980.  The Dolfins returned home to the Pleasant Hill Education Center Pool (original site of the Pleasant Hill High School) when the pool reopened on March 22, 2000.

CCSL: The Contra Costa Swim League (CCSL) was established on October 3, 1973. The teams that originated the league were: Pleasant Hill Dolphins, Walnut Creek Swim Club, and Antioch Delta Skimmers. Canyon Swim and Racquet Club was added before the 1974 swim season began. Other teams that have been part of CCSL:  Forest Hills, Walnut Country,  Martinez Community Swim Team, East County Sting Rays 1988-1995 & 2002-2010.  In 2011, the teams in CCSL were: Pleasant Hill Dolfins (1973-2011), Walnut Creek Swim Club (1973-2011), Dana Hill (1996-2011), LMYA (1976-2011).  CCSL disbanned after the 2011 season.

County Meet: The County meet has been held at Del Valle High School, College Park High School (1973), Pleasant Hill Education Center Pool (2001), and Acalanes High School. The DOLFINS WON The County Swim Title in 2000 under the guidance of head coach Rob Kern, Doug Reed, Megan Brain, Sally Hellmann, Jeff Barnett, Daniel Song, & Tom Hellmann.

Major Fund Raising Events:

  • Christmas Tree Sale began in 1982
  • Dolfin Invitationals -Double Distance (1980-1992) and the Battle of the Ages (1992-current)
  • Other current fund raising Events: E- Scrip, Swim-A-Thon, Cookie/Pizza Dough Sale
  • Miscellaneous fundraisers: Crab feed, Poker night

Major Construction Projects:  The Snack Shack was built in 2000 at the Pleasant Hill Education Center, the home of the Pleasant Hill Dolfins. Through the years starting blocks, snack bars, electrical set ups, banners, and many other hour intensive projects have been built by dedicated Dolfin Parents.

Team Size: The team size stayed consistently around 130-150 swimmers until 1990 when the team began to grow, reaching 250 swimmers in 1992.  It has varied from 221 to 272 swimmers since that time with the average membership ranging around 250.  There were 224 members in 2010. Coaching staff has varied in numbers from 3 coaches through the year 1989 to 8 coaches in 2001, 5 in 2010.  There are also many Junior coaches/Assistant coaches/Apprentice coaches.