Work Assignments

2018 Dolfins Family Fee & Work Assignments Information

Note: Please click here for a printable version of the 2018 Dolfins Family Fee & Work Assignments Information, including flow chart.

Welcome to the Dolfins Swim Team!  This information has been prepared to help explain the Dolfins Family Fee and Work Assignment Requirements.  Parents/families play a vital role in the success of the Dolfins Swim Team and parent/family participation is required.  Thank you in advance for helping to create a great summer swim experience for our kids!

Work Assignments

Once the meet schedule and total registration is determined for the team, the number of job commitments will be confirmed.  In general, the family commitment is:

  1. Approximately 5 shifts (totaling 5 points) at regular meets (dual meets, league meet, season set-up/clean-up days)
  2. 1 home meet set up or take down shift
  3. 2-3 shifts (totaling 3 or more points) at Battle of the Ages
  4. All families that attend invitational’s, including the County Meet, will be required to work a short shift (usually less than 2 hours)
  5. 1 social event

Work assignments will be discussed at the annual team meeting in May, and registration for work assignments will open at the conclusion of the team meeting.  All signups for work assignments will be done online through the Dolfins Team Unify (TU) website.  Families with only Mini Dolfins are not required to have a job commitment, but you are encouraged to participate in our team fundraiser, Battle of the Ages.

Meet Hours

In order to run a successful home meet, we need almost 50 volunteers!  Parents are also needed to work at away meets. The jobs we are assigned at away meets are based on the needs of the hosting team.  Check out the job descriptions for more information about the variety of jobs available.

Some jobs require training, so please only sign up for a job that requires training if you are or will be trained for that position.  If there is a job you are interested in learning, Time Trials is a perfect place to start!  All families should attend Time Trials so that your swimmer gets a base time for the season.  Time Trials is considered an Invitational and all families attending Time Trials are required to work the event.  Time Trials does not count towards your regular meet point’s requirement.

Battle of the Ages - June 30 & July 1, 2018

Battle of the Ages is the Dolfins largest fundraiser.  All families are required to work to make this event a success.  Look at the job descriptions to see more information about the Battle jobs.  If you are interested in a Battle lead position, please contact the Battle Meet Director at phdbattleoftheages@gmail.com.  Some Battle lead positions meet your general work assignment requirement.  Please contact the Battle Meet Director information about these lead positions.  There are pre-Battle jobs for those who must be out of town the weekend of the meet.

Battle Fundraising

All families must participate in raising at least $50 for the team for Battle.  Fundraising can include Program Sponsorships/Ads and raffle ticket sales.  More information will be provided at the team meeting.

Missed Invitational’s

The Pleasant Hill Dolfins (PHD) Parent Club pays the entry fees for swimmers to attend invitationals.  If your swimmer misses an invitational for any reason, you must reimburse the Parent Club the entry fees.  Buy-Out Families are responsible for any Missed Invitational Fees.


If you cannot complete your work commitment, it is your responsibility to find a substitute and notify the Work Coordinators at PHDWorkShifts@gmail.com.  Always include the substitute’s name and contact information (email & cell phone).

Missed Work Shift Fines

Failure to work a scheduled shift, or provide a substitute for a shift will result in a monetary fine ($50/shift).  The Parent Club Treasurer will send an invoice for the fine and your swimmer(s) will not be entered in subsequent swim meets until the fine is paid.  To avoid fines, please make sure you check in with the work shift coordinator and sign in and sign out for every shift.  Please keep in mind; we need the position filled more than we need the money!

You can keep track of how many points have been credited to your account through the Dolfins Team Unify website.  It is the parent’s responsibility to inform the Work Shift Coordinator of any discrepancies within 48 hours of the shift.

Social Events

The team offers many social events throughout the season in an effort to promote the “Have Fun” part of the team’s motto.  Social events include age group parties, senior coach day, coach appreciation, pasta feeds and much more.  Each family must sign-up to work one social event.  Please contact Social Event Board Member Amy Beard at aphinurse@gmail.com for more information about social events.

Deposit Deductions

There are no prorated Family Fee refunds for partial completion of work assignments.

If you have outstanding Missed Invitational Fees, Missed Work Shift Fines or did not meet your $50 Battle Fundraising requirement, at the end of the season, your $200 Family Fee check will be cashed and you will be issued a refund check less the outstanding fees (assuming all work assignments were completed).

Any family with outstanding invoices will have their Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District account suspended and they will be unable to register for any District activity until their balance with the Dolfins Parent Club is brought current.

Returned Check Policy

Returned checks are subject to an additional fee to cover charges to the Dolfins Parent Club account by our financial institution.  The current returned check fee is $31.

Updated December 21, 2017