About the Meets

What to expect at meets

Here is a sheet summarizing how your swimmer gets a time at a swim meet.


Swim meets are organized around 5 individual events and 2 relay events. Coaches decide which events each swimmer will swim. Generally, swimmers compete at meets in age group order from youngest to oldest: 6 & under, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14, 15/18. The normal order of events (along with the common abbreviation for each event) is as follows: MR, IM, Free, Breast, Back, Fly, FR.

1.Medley Relay (MR):

Four individual swimmers combine as a team, with each swimmer swimming one of the following strokes: Back, Breast, Fly, and Free. The 6 & under and 7/8 age groups swim a 100 yard MR (25 yards per swimmer). All other age groups swim a 200 yard MR (50 yards per swimmer).

2.Individual Medley (IM):

Individual swimmers swim 25 yards each of Fly, Back, Breast, and Free (in that order) in one event. All IM races are 100 yards. Ages 6 & under do not swim this event.

3.Individual strokes:

The 6 & under and 7/8 age groups swim 25 yard races. The 9/10, 11/12, and 13/14 age groups swim 50 yard races. The 15/18 age group swims 100 yard races.

a.Freestyle (Free)

b.Breaststroke (Breast)

c.Backstroke (Back)

d.Butterfly (Fly)

4.Freestyle Relay (FR):

Four individual swimmers combine as a team, with each swimmer swimming Freestyle. 6 & under and 7/8 age groups swim 100 yard FR (25 yards per swimmer). All other age groups swim 200 yard FR (50 yards per swimmer).

Meets generally begin with the 6-&-under Medley Relay, with the girls swimming first, followed by the boys of the same age group. The meet then proceeds through each older age group for an entire event (i.e., 7/8 girls follows the 6-&-under boys). All swimmers need to pay attention to the order of events at a given meet and be ready to report to swim at the required time. The order of the meet depends upon the team hosting it.

SPECIAL NOTE:For invitational meets, the team hosting the meet decides the order of events.


Throughout the season there will be additional opportunities for your child to swim in an invitational meet. Most meets require our team to pre-register 4 weeks before the meet date.Swimmers will not be automatically entered in these meets. You must commit your swimmer to the meet through Team Unify. We will not assume that your child is going to swim. If you don't sign up, the coaches will not enter your child to swim. Invitational meets require entry fees. The Dolfins Parent Club pays these entry fees. If your child enters an invitational meet and fails to swim, you will be responsible for reimbursing the club for the entry fees paid for the absent swimmer. There are no changes or additions permitted for these special meets; so when a swimmer fails to show, all entries are forfeited, team points are lost, and scratched relays leave three members of that relay disappointed. Swimmers will not be entered in meets until fees for the missed invitational are paid.

Please check the calendar and watch for the early announcements and entry forms for signing up for the following invitational meets this season:

NIKE SPRING SPLASH: Usually Memorial Day Weekend, at DVC. This meet is open to returning swimmers only.

PLEASANT HILL AQUATICS 9-&-UNDER INVITATIONAL: Usually the First Saturday in June, at the Pleasant Hill Aquatics Pool (on Boyd Rd.). This is a special meet for 9-&-younger swimmers to have a small invitational meet that is low key and a great start for the season.

BATTLE OF THE AGES: The last weekend in June at the Pleasant Hill Education Center Pool. This is our major fundraiser for the summer. It is important that all swimmers participate to help the team raise money. You will choose to enter four (4) swim events out of the following 6 swim events:

Saturday Swim Events: Double-Distance Free, Breaststroke, Butterfly           

Sunday Swim Events:  IM, Backstroke, Free

If you can be there for only one of the two days, pick all 3 events for that day. All families are required to work at least 10 hours at this meet.

DEVIL MOUNTAIN PENTATHLON: Usually the second weekend in July, at the Dana Hills Pool in Clayton. This is a fun meet to test your endurance. You will swim all five (5) events in one day and have a combined time from all five events to give you an overall place in the meet.

Saturday Swim Groups: 6-&-under girls & boys, 7/8 girls & boys, 9/10 girls only   

Sunday Swim Groups:  9/10 boys only, 11/12 girls & boys, 13-18 girls & boys

Awards will be given out at the end of each day for the top eight places in both the A and B divisions.

CROSSINGS CHALLENGE "B" INVITATIONAL: Usually the third Saturday in July, Walnut Country Swim Club in Concord. This is a great meet just for mostly B swimmers to experience racing competition with other swimmers from many different teams.

WOODLANDS "A" INVITATIONAL: Usually the third weekend in July, at the Woodlands Swim Club. This is a great meet just for invited A-division swimmers to swim against some of the best competitors before the County Meet.

LAFAYETTE SWIM CONFERENCE (LSC) CHAMPIONSHIP: The last weekend in July at Acalanes High School. This is our League Championship Meet.

CONCORD CITY MEET: The first weekend in August (including Friday night), at the Concord Community Pool.

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP: Usually the second weekend in August, at Acalanes High School. Swimmers must have a qualifying time to enter this meet.

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