Little Stingers

 Little Stinger Program Overview

The Little Stinger program will expose young children to the fun and team work involved in being part of a large swim team. The program is open to any child between the ages of 3 and 5 (and out of swim diapers), but is especially designed for children who are apprehensive about the water and the demands of the swim team and who cannot swim the length of the pool (25 yards) without stopping or holding onto the lane ropes. 

The Little Stinger program is not for children who have not been exposed to the water. The child must be safe in the water and therefore must have some comfort in the water. This program is not 1 on 1 swim lesson. Normally we have 2 coaches per 4 to 6 Little Stingers. Our practices for the Little Stingers are in the shallow end of the pool. Consideration by the Little Stingers head coach may be given to children who meet the above criteria who are under 3.  Little Stingers are eligible for the full team at age 5 or in some cases, age 4 with coach approval and if the child meets the minimum full team requirements. 

The goal of the Little Stingers is to get them ready for the Swim Team the following year. Participation in the Little Stinger Program does not guarantee you a spot on the swim team the following year. We will have one swim meet near the end of the season for our Little Stingers to participate in - this will be our last Wednesday night home meet on July 12th. The Little Stingers will practice daily (Monday - Friday) and will receive awards at the end of the season. 

For 2017 Little Stinger Dates are June 12th - July 21st. There is often a break during the July 4th holiday week.


Little Stingers Refund Policy

100 % refund minus $50 for cancellation before May 15th

50% refund after May 15th and before June 7th

0% after June 7th