Practice Etiquette

Practice can often be a hectic and intimidating time for some swimmers, especially those just starting out. With that in mind, it is important that we emphasize the need for everyone to be attentive to their surroundings, courteous to their coaches and teammates, and demonstrating their best behavior. The following rules will help keep everyone safe, and make practice more enjoyable and beneficial for all.


· Please be on time and ready to swim at your designated practice time.

· Be attentive and follow the instructions of your coaches.

· Do not exit the pool without asking a coach for permission.

· Do not dive or jump into the pool unless instructed to by your coach.

· Do not sit, hang or play with the lane lines.

· No splashing, dunking or other rough play.

· Keep one hand on the wall when not swimming.


Failure to comply with these and other rules can result in a swimmer being asked to leave practice. This is not an effort to eliminate fun from practice, but rather to ensure the safety of everyone in the pool.


Parents: During practice, our coaches are focused on the safety and instruction of our children. Please limit your conversations with them to non-practice time.


Practice Attire

Swimmers are expected to come to practice dressed in a suit that is intended for training. Rash guards are are not appropriate for use during practice, so please save them for recreational pool time. Swimmers are not required to wear their team suits or team caps during practice. In fact, given the wear and tear on the suit, we strongly encourage that they are used for meets only. 


Practice Equipment


Swim caps are a necessity for all girls and for boys with longer hair. All swimmers need to bring goggles to practice daily.


Paddles are optional for swimmers ages 9 and up. The team will provide paddles for swimmers to use at practice.  Only Finis Agility Paddles will be used during practice.