Swimmer Conduct

Sycamore Stingrays Swim Team Code of Conduct


Swimmer Code of Conduct

• Swim for the enjoyment of swimming.

• Treat your fellow Stingrays and opponents with respect at all times.

• Be generous when you win and gracious when you lose.

• Criticizing, name-calling and use of abusive language are not in keeping with the spirit of the Stingray organization.

• Respect and accept the decisions of judgment officials with grace.


Parent Code of Conduct

As a parent of an SSST swimmer(s), I agree to the following conduct rules and responsibilities:

· I/We will act in a respectful manner towards fellow parents, children and coaches on our team and others.

· I/We will allow the coaches to perform their job, and not interfere or interrupt them during practices or at meets. I/We will use the Coaches’ Liaison as a conduit for airing any grievances or issues that I/we may have with the team or its operations. If the Coaches’ Liaison is unavailable, or unable to provide resolution, I will contact the Team President or any other member of the Board.

· I/We will bear responsibility for ensuring that my/our child(ren) act in a respectful manner towards teammates, competitors, coaches, parents and volunteer staff.

· I/We understand and agree to fulfill our team job obligations.

• I/We agree to abide by the Pool Rules set forth by the Sycamore Homes Association.

· As parents, we keep in mind that SSST is a recreational team, with an emphasis on developing skills and having fun.

· I/We will support our child(ren) and team in a positive manner. We will cheer for our child(ren), not against the other team/swimmers.

· I/We will encourage our child(ren) to work toward skill improvement and good sportsmanship.

· We recognize the value and importance of our coaches, referees, volunteers , and meet workers. They are giving their time and resources to create a positive experience for our children.

· As parents, we realize that this is a family event centered near water and will not overindulge in alcohol to the point of negligence and/or losing a sense of responsibility.

· I/We will respect the privacy of all members and not tolerate the use of the team directory for personal matters or solicitation of goods and services.


All SSST swimmers, parents, and coaches are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct. We have read and understand the expectations outlined above.