Tidal Rays

 Tidal Rays Program Overview

The Tidal Rays  is geared towards 4-8 year olds that have completed Little Stingers but are just not ready to join the team quite yet.  It is designed to allow swimmers to practice with their age groups, while learning additional strokes and becoming comfortable with the meet format  with the goal of transitioning the swimmer to the Team next season. Space in the Tidals Rays program is limited to 15 swimmers.  A swimmer can be on Tidal Rays a maximum of one year.  

Tidal Rays swimmers swim in non-VSA meets and invitationals only.  Due to the reduced number of meets, parents with only a Tidal Rays swimmer, work a reduced number of jobs.  If you have questions about whether this program is right for your child, please contact Membership Chair Jill Forschler or Coach Sean.

Families with children in the Tidal Rays (only) must work 2 meet jobs and 1 spirit/social/fundraising job.  If you have a child on Tidal Rays and a child on the full team, then you only need to fulfill your full swim team job requirement.  You do not need work 2 "additional" jobs for your Tidal Ray.

All Tidal Rays swimmers must participate in at least 2 non-VSA swim meets.