Welcome Letter

82nd CICCA Conference Swimming and Diving Championships (Bon Voyage)

Bloomington Country Club

Bloomington, Illinois


To Parents, Swimmers and Divers:


Welcome to Bloomington Country Club and the 82nd CICCA Conference Swimming and Diving Championships.  We hope all of the families from our visiting clubs enjoy the two days here and can take lots of memories with them.  Many lifetime friendships have been formed because of the CICCA meet over the years and that is what this weekend is all about.  Generations of families have also passed thru over the 81 years.


Our theme, “Bon Voyage”, relates to our pool facility and the fact that this will be the last CICCA meet held as the pool looks today.  Plans are in the works for a new facility and bathhouse.  The original pool was 4 lanes and 25 meters built in 1936.  It has seen lots of these CICCA weekends over the years.


A big thank you to Dave Kelley (BCC GM) and Carl Driskell (Event Manager) for all of their behind the scenes work.  We also would like to thank the CICCA Pool Chairs and all of the weekly volunteers each Sunday during June and July.  This conference and its success would not exist without them.  Finally, the BCC conference committee has been working since the fall to put on a great show.  They have spent countless hours working on every aspect of the weekend.


Good luck to all the swimmers and divers.  Swim fast enough and dive with perfection.  Please show good sportsmanship while competing as hard as you can for your club.  Enjoy the weekend as we say “Bon Voyage” to the BCC pool.


Marc & Dawna Tucci                                                              Brent & Christy Bazan

2019 CICCA Co-Chairs                                                         2019 CICCA Co-Chairs

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