Swim Meets

Swim Meets are a fun way to gauge your progress throughout the summer.  You will receive a ribbon for each race you participate in. During the first week of practice we will educate parents on how swim meets are run, but please keep in
mind the following things:

You are responsible to sign up for swim meets on the Friday (by 6:00pm) prior to a swim meet. Each swimmer may sign up for 3 individual events and if desired, 1 "I.M." (Individual Medley), where your swimmer will swim each stroke in this 1 person relay. Keep in mind that this is a wish list. Your coaches may assign swimmers to swim an event that your child did not sign up for. This is to encourage swimmers to try new strokes.

Event numbers will be posted on our website by Monday morning. Please check and make note of the events your child will swim.  We have found that writing your child's events on their hand with a Shapie pen at home works best. When arriving at the meet on Monday, your child must check in and the event numbers will be written on their hand if you have not already done this. Parent volunteers also check in with the Carren Smrstik, our volunteer coordinator. In order to facilitate "Ready Bench", we ask that swimmers try and sit in the same area. This will help the swimmers to arrive at the "Ready Bench" for their race and will also help the meet go faster. Waiting for swimmers delays the entire swim meet.

All swimmers will be assigned to swim relays! Relays will not be changed for any reason. Once a relay is set, your relay teammates are counting on you!

Disqualifications (DQ’s) are an unpleasant necessity of swim meets. All swimmers are required to swim a legal stroke. Disqualification should not be viewed as a failure but as a learning tool. Remember that the judges are volunteers; please be kind.

Swimmers will receive their event ribbons during the remainder of that same week. Emphasis will be placed on individual improvement. We appreciate everyone tidying up after daily practices and meets so we can all leave as quickly as possible.