Responsibilities of Parents

  1. Take an active interest in your child’s progress and development, successes, and disappointments.
  2. Volunteer at a minimum of six swim meets by working as timers, scorekeepers, ribbon writers, starters, announcers, and stroke and turn judges.  No experience is necessary . . . and this program is not possible without your help!
  3. Read all swim team communications and attend parent meetings to keep informed.
  4. Support the team and the coaching staff with a positive attitude.  Communicate any ideas, concerns or suggestions you may have for the team.
  5. Be a role model for swimmers by displaying good sportsmanship at swim meets.
  6. Please do not approach the coaches on the deck during practice or meets unless it is extremely important. It is hard for the coaches to carry on a structured workout or organize a meet with continuous interruptions.  The coaches will be happy to meet with you either before or after a practice/meet, or at a prearranged time.  They try to make the most of the practice/meet time and are dedicated to providing the time and attention the swim team members need. 

Coaches must be notified in writing 10 days in advance if the swimmer is not able to attend a swim meet. Please place notices in the coach’s file. The coaches’ plan meet line-ups well in advance of the meet.  As a reminder swimmers may only miss two league swim meets.