Season Awards

End of the Season Awards

These awards are given to the one swimmer in each age group of the age group and are solely awarded at the discretion of the coaching staff.


Most Improved Award

A swimmer who has shown the most improvement in stroke technique, attitude, and determination in the sport of swimming.  This swimmer’s improvement will be demonstrated with their overall times taken at each meet. 


Most Valuable Award

A swimmer who has scored the highest amount of points at the championship meet and has a high percentage of points earned from the dual meets.  This swimmer displays leadership characteristics and always practices good sportsmanship in swimming.


Most Dedicated Award

A swimmer who demonstrates determination, ambition and dedication to the Dublin Green Gators and the sport of swimming. 


Dublin Green Gator Award

This award will only be given to the one overall Dublin Green Gator swimmer who has proven to be a role model, has characteristics of a good leader, and member of the team.  This swimmer should be a noble person and dedicated athlete.  This award will be given in the spirit of Gabriel Gamez.



The history of the Dublin Green Gator Award

This award was created in the spirit of Gabriel Gamez, who died after our 1992 season. Most of our current team members did not have the pleasure of meeting or knowing Gabriel. Gabriel swam for the Gators for several seasons. Seeing him interacting with his teammates and his display of team spirit or leadership skills was almost unbelievable for a 13-year-old boy. Gabriel was always involved in social activities, sports and volunteer work. With his outgoing spirit, you would have thought that he was one of the top athletes on the team. However he was not; Gabriel was in it to have fun and make friends.

Gabriel and I would swim endlessly during the summer. We always wanted to be the first kids in the pool and always the last to leave. When it came to helping others, Gabriel would do anything and everything in his power to help. He would cheer for his teammates at meets; help the coaches, parents or even the younger swimmers on the team. I just always thought that he was my crazy older brother, who was always laughing and shouting really loud.

After he died, some of our friends from the team and I realized how he touched so many people’s lives. That is why in 1993 the coaches and Parent Committee decided to create this award. The coaches choose one swimmer who displays the same characteristics and selflessness that Gabriel did. In fact, the first year we gave out this award was to one of Gabriel's closest friends on the team.

I hope that by reading this it will explain who Gabriel was and why we have an award in his spirit. I hope you will also explain this to your children as well; so that they will understand what an honor it is to receive this award.

Coach Angela