Swimmer information

1.    All participants must obey the coaching staff and the aquatic staff.

2.    Only registered swimmers will be permitted in the facility during practices.

3.    Participants are not permitted to enter the water until instructed by the coach.

4.    Running on the pool deck and horseplay during practice is prohibited.

5.    Profanity is prohibited.

6.    Swimmers are not permitted on the diving boards or waterslide unless instructed by the coach.

7.    Hanging or swinging on the lane lines is prohibited.

8.    Mistreatment of the facility or the equipment will not be tolerated.  Equipment is to be handled with care.

9.    Participants should arrive no earlier than ten minutes prior to practice and must leave the facility immediately afterward.

10.    Participants are not permitted in the pool offices or on the lifeguard stands.

11.    Come to practice on time - this includes warm-up time, which is a crucial part of any exercise.

12.    If you can’t make it to practice, know you will be late, or know you need to get out early, notify the coaches in advance.

13.    Do every set correctly and to the best of your ability.  If you have any questions about the set, please don’t hesitate to ask.

14.    Swim from wall to wall without stopping or walking on the bottom.

15.    Be courteous to other swimmers; they are your teammates.

16.    Interfering with another person’s workout will not be tolerated by the coaches.

17.    If you need to go to the bathroom, wait until after the set and let the coach know.

18.    Team caps should be worn at all meets by boys and girls in all age groups.  Hair must be pulled back or in a swim cap at practice.

19.    No running on the pool deck.    

20.     Workout equipment (i.e. kick boards) must only be used in a manner demonstrated by coaches.

21.    When the coaches are giving instructions, they expect team members to listen with one hand on the pool edge and eyes on the coach.  This signals to the coach that they have everyone’s attention.  Excessive talking or playing during this time may result in a brief ‘Time Out’.  A ‘Time Out’ is when coaches ask any children not cooperating to get out of the pool and sit on the deck for a period of five to ten minutes.  

22.    Any other behavior which is deemed to be inappropriate or unsafe by the aquatics or coaching staff is prohibited