Time Trials

Time Trials FAQs

What is the purpose of Time Trials?
Time trials is the opportunity for your swimmer to swim all 4 or 5 strokes (Free, Fly, Breast, Back and IM)
This is where they get their documented baseline time in each of the strokes.
Each time they swim that particular stroke during the regular season, their time will be compared against the last time they swam that stroke and their “best time” will be recorded.
This is one way we measure the swimmer’s progress through the season!

What if I have a new swimmer?  And they don’t know how to do all four strokes yet?
Feel free to email [email protected] if your child is anxious and feels they don't know a stroke. We want it to be fun. But if they're not worried, they should try it - doesn't have to be perfect!  

What if we are busy on Time Trials, should we sign out ?
We want everyone to attend Time Trials. Sign out ONLY if you cannot attend all events. If you can attend even one event, do not sign out. Come to what you can.

What if my swimmer has a commitment and we have to leave early (or show up late), should we sign out of Time Trials?
No! Unlike a regular meet, please try and come to as much of time trials as you can. For the events that your swimmer misses, their baseline time will be set when they swim it at a meet.

How Far Does Each Group Swim?
*25 yards = 1 length of the pool
All 8 and unders swim 25 yards
9-14 year olds swim 50 yards
15-18 year olds swim 100 yards
These distances are for freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly

What is the Order of Events?
On Friday afternoon we will swim IM time trials. 6U will have normal practice (they don't do IMs). On Saturday we will swim Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke and Butterfly.

What’s an IM?
IM stands for Individual Medley.
It's 4 lengths of the pool, one of each stroke, completed in this specific order: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle.

What age groups swim IM?
Everyone except 6&Unders

Does my swimmer have to swim IM at time trials?  
First year swimmers do not have to swim IM at time trials. It is tough! If they'd like to try it, that would be great! If not, we'll keep working on it, and have them swim it at a later date.

Are there relays at time trials?  
No. No relays until the first dual meet (with another team)

How do I know when my swimmer will swim?
Individual events will be posted on our website the evening before the meet. To view meet sheets online, log in and go to the Meets tab and from there to the "Meet Entries" page. Entries can be viewed either by event or by swimmer (there are 2 separate files).
 These ‘Meet Sheets” will list the Order of Events and the swimmers Heat and Lane. Please don’t be afraid to ask someone to help you read it if you aren’t sure what it all means! It can look intimidating at first, but you will get the hang of it!

Please pay attention to what event we are on - events can go by quickly!

If you have a 7/8 or 6&under swimmer, listen for the calls from the announcer to tell you when it is time to bring your child to their lanes.

Do we swim against another team?
No, time trials is only our team. This is a non competitive meet.

Should my swimmer swim fast, or hold out for best times?
Swim fast. Best times will come regardless.

Tips for attending Time Trials

How long is Time Trials?
If this is your first swim meet, consider Time Trials your ‘practice’ meet. Time Trials, like most of our swim meets, will go about 3 hours.

8:00am arrive for Pancake Breakfast
8:30am warmups (swimmers in the water)
8:45am announcements (don’t miss this!!)
12-12:30pm – Target end time

What should I bring?
The standard swim meet items are: Sunscreen, folding chairs, towels, hat, jacket/blanket (it can be cold in the morning and during night meets)
We will have our snack shack open but you should also bring your own drinks and snacks.

Where do we sit?
At Time Trials, both sides of the pool are open for you to sit and park all your stuff.
After Time Trials, at Home meets, we sit on the side of the pool closest to the entrance and our visitors sit on the far side of the pool

Why should we come to Time Trials?

  • Critical for the coaches to know how to seed future meets including times for Relays
  • Pancake breakfast!
  • See your old friends and meet some new ones!
  • Team t-shirts!
  • Announcements for the upcoming season!
  • It’s fun!
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