Dates (see calendar for actual date)




Devil Mountain Pentathlon


End of June



Dana Hills


Blackhawk Last Chance Meet

July (after DCSL)


Blackhawk Country Club


County Meet 

August - end of season


Acalanes High School

Only for swimmers with qualifying times




The Devil Mountain Pentathlon - Dana Hills Pool in Clayton:  Every swimmer will swim in 5 events (all strokes) in one day!  This invitational is fast-moving, competitive, and lots of fun.  

Blackhawk Last Chance Meet  - Blackhawk County Club:  This meet comes after the DCSL League meet and before the County meet. It is considered a last chance meet if your swimmer is trying to make a county time and also a great practice meet for swimmers who plan to attend the County meet.

County Meet - Acalanes High School, Lafayette:  Any swimmer with a county qualifying time may enter this meet.



What is an invitational meet?
An invitational meet is a swim meet against MANY different swim teams. This season there are seven invitational meets. Invitational meets are not held at Livorna pool.

Types of invitational meets: Sign-up, Sign-out and Qualify

  • Sign-up: For a “Sign-up” invitational a swimmer must fill out a form and pay a small fee (~$5-7) for each event they enter. A swimmer may choose the events they wish to swim.
  • Sign-out: For a “Sign-out” invitational the coach assigns swimmers just as for regular dual meets. If you will be out of town or are not able to attend you must sign out by the deadlines given above. The “Sign-out” binder is usually on the bench during practice as you walk in the pool or in the guard shack. There are no fees for “Sign-Out” invitationals.
  • Qualify: For a “Qualify” invitational, the swimmer must have a qualifying county time to be eligible to swim and may only enter in events in which he/she has qualified. As with sign-up meets there is also a form to fill out in order to enter this meet.

Do parents/guardians need to work at the Invitational?
, invitationals are NOT part of the team jobs that families sign up for. Generally, there is a timing requirement for each team attending the invitational. The timing shifts are divided between the families with swimmers attending the invitational.

How do I get more information on invitationals?

  • On the website: Information on each invitational will be posted on the Livorna website under the event on the events tab.  Forms and other information about the invitationals will be posted there.
  • At the pool: Information on each invitational will be posted on the board at the pool where meet information is posted.  Invitationals entry forms are also in the Invitationals Folder with all the family folders in the lifeguard shack.
  • Contact the Invitational Coordinator: If you have questions or want more information you can contact [email protected]

What do I do after I sign up for an Invitational?
After you have signed up and the deadline for sign-ups has past, look for the meet entries to be posted at the pool and on the website. Check to make sure your swimmer is entered in the correct age group and event. If there is a mistake contact the Invitational coordinator. Work assignments and more information will also be available before each invitational at the pool and on the website. There will be a schedule with work assignments and information on the team area and warm-up times.

What do I do when I arrive?
These are large meets with many teams swimming. Usually each team has a designated area. These areas will be posted at the pool before the invitational when possible. If not, look for the Livorna area when you arrive and save a spot for yourself. It is a good idea to bring a chair. Programs are available for about $5 and usually list the approximate times for each event.

Are there shepherds at Invitationals?
NO. There are no shepherds at these meets.
You must check your own child into the “Clerk of the Course”. Listen to announcements as to what event they are seating. Some of the Invitationals post a signboard that lists the current event they are seating. When it is time to check-in, take your swimmer to the Clerk of the Course area and make sure an official person checks them in. You may write the heat/lane on your swimmer’s hand. Also make sure you know where the swimmers are exiting after they swim so that you can meet them after their race with their towel.

What should I bring to an Invitational?

  • Towels
  • Blanket and / or chairs
  • Cooler with water and snacks. They sell plenty of food at these meets too if you prefer.
  • Games/Cards/Books
  • Sunscreen
  • Money
  • An umbrella (We also bring the canopies from Livorna but sometimes there is not room for everyone)
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