Meet Job Description

Swim Meet Job Descriptions


PHAST 2019 Swim Meet Job Descriptions (subject to change)

Before signing up for jobs, please consider the following descriptions:

  • Announcer: (2 points) (Training required) Uses P.A. system to broadcast upcoming events, race results and other miscellaneous announcements.
  • Bullpen (Nine & Under Invitational Only): (3 points) Organize swimmer while they wait for their race.  Walk swimmers to blocks and wait until coaches are available to supervise swimmers.
  • Clerk of the Course: (exempt 2019) Must arrive 60 min. prior to every meet. Check in all swimmers as they show up for a swim meet.  Notify the coaches & computer room supervisor(s) of any swimmer(s) that do not show. 
  • Desk Supervisor: (3 points) (Training required) Sets up the computer desk and coordinates distribution of scratch changes.  Coordinates flow of race results, correcting any clerical mistakes and discrepancies arising from race disqualification.  Supervises the operations of the Timers and Recorders to ensure time slips are filled out correctly.  Supervises the computer room and ribbon labeling operations.  Instructs the runners at the beginning of the meet on what their duties are.  Must be flexible to remain 15-20 minutes after the meet ends.
  • Computer Entry Operator: (2.5 points) Imports results from timing console, makes corrections and changes as necessary, prints reports and labels for the Ribbon Labelers. 
  • Head Timer: (2 points) Covers times for all lanes by operating two stopwatches.  Delivers stopwatches during a race when a timer signals for assistance.
  • Parking & Facilities Maintenance: (2 points)  Ensures that cars park legally in the PHA parking lot and surrounding area throughout the duration of all home meets.  Maintains a neat environment by re-stocking the bathrooms and emptying trash receptacles during. Makes sure all trash is emptied and bathrooms stocked after meet ends. Must be flexible to arrive 45 minutes before the swim meet.
  • Recorder: (2 points) –  In the event an opposing team does not use a Colorado Timing System, this position records event numbers and race specifics (swimmers name, age group, stroke, heat and lane number) for each event.  Records three swim times from the Timers and designates the middle time as the official time. 
  • Referee:  (3 points)  (Training required) Previous Stroke & Turn experience required.  Approves stroke and turn disqualification.  Works with Starter to begin each race.
  • Relief Officials (new 2018): (1 point)  (Training required) Gives officials (referee, starter, stroke and turn) a break or fills in if one official is absent.
  • Relief Worker: (2 points)   Will fill a variety of positions during a meet.  Fills in where needed at the meet including replacing an absent worker or providing relief for timers, snack bar workers, shepherds, desk help, etc.  Requires flexibility. 
  • Results Auditor: (2.5 points)  Receives lane slips from the Runner and arranges them in event and lane order.  Reviews printout of results from computer and checks for problems compared to recording slips from timers.  Gives final correct results to Runner.  Must be flexible to remain 10 minutes after the meet ends.
  • Ribbon Labeler: (2 points) Places the computer generated labels on ribbons then places them in the appropriate family file. Ribbon Labeler should check in with the computer desk supervisor about 30 minutes after start of meet. 
  • Runner:  (2 points) Picks up the lane slips from the Timer/Recorder, delivering them to the Computer Desk after each race.  Picks up race results from the Auditor.  Delivers one copy of results to the Announcer and posts one copy on the results board after each race is complete.
  • Set-Up & Clean-Up: (2 points) Saturday meet workers must arrive by 7:00 a.m. Saturday (may set-up after 8:00 p.m. Friday night if directed by Set-Up Clean up Coordinator); Wednesday meet workers must arrive by 4:00 p.m. (3:30 p.m. for an early start). Set-up and clean-up of equipment: lane lines, chairs, easy-ups, parking lot signage, rope off pool deck, etc. Must remain 30 minutes or as long as needed after the meet ends for clean up. 
  • Shepherd: (2 points) Shepherds may only Shepherd the same age group as your child.   If you sign up for a different age group you will be removed and reassigned.  Receives copies of heat sheets, places swimmers in advance of their race in the appropriate heat and lane in the bullpen area.  Escorts swimmers to the blocks and remains until a coach arrives.  Responsible for coordinating relays.  Shepherds for 6&U and 7-8 are encouraged to seek parental assistance as swimmers are at both ends of the pool.  Parents of 6&U and 7-8 swimmers fill these positions.  Shepherds are not responsible for finding swimmers.  If you sign up for this job, you must download and review the following Shepherd document.
  • Snack Shack Crew and/or BBQers: (3 points)  As a “crew member” you will work all of your swim meet job assignments in the snack shack. Saturday workers must arrive by 7:30 a.m. and Wednesday workers by 4:30 p.m. (4:00 p.m. for early start). Assist in food preparation, snack bar set-up, food sales and post-meet clean up. Must be flexible to remain after the meet ends for clean up.
  • Barbequer: (3 points) Set up, operate and clean the grill for the snack bar at home meets.  Must thoroughly clean the grill after the meet.  Responsible for grilling our delicious snack menu items!
  • Sno-Cone Sales (2 points): Set up sno-cone machine, make and sell sno-cones during the swim meet.  Work with snack shack manager to obtain change and turn in cash at the end of the meet.  Clean up and put away sno-cone machine.
  • Starter: (3 points) (Training required) Communicates with Timers, Referee and swimmers prior to each heat.  Starts each heat using the P.A. and Colorado Starting Systems.
  • Stroke & Turn Judge: (3 points) (Training required) Must attend and successfully complete the May League Stroke & Turn Clinic.  Judges each swim to ensure fairness.  Writes and delivers disqualification slips upon infractions.
  • Timer: (2 points)  Responsible for timing each race in an assigned lane with a stopwatch.  Timer most often will act as a Recorder as well when Colorado Timing System is in use.
  •  Timing Console Operator: (exempt 2018) (Training required) Runs the timing console during the meet in the computer office.