Meet Jobs

Parent Meet Jobs

Meet jobs are a critical function of swim team as it takes timers, snack shack workers, BBQ grillers, shepherds, and ribbon filers to make each meet run smoothly. Please sign up for Meet Jobs when you register your swimmer for the team (beginning April 2).

The number of meet jobs you are required to work varies each year depending upon the number of meets scheduled that season and the number of families on the team.  For the 2018 season, the requirement is seven meet jobs during the regular season. 

The Meet Job Coordinator for the 2018 season is Marisa Canoles ( When you are signed up to work, please check in with Marisa upon arrival to the pool. Check-in times are 20-60 minutes before the meet begins, depending on the job.  You will receive a pre-meet confirmation email 1-2 days before meets when you are assigned to work.  


  • BBQ – Run the BBQ at home meets, cooking hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, etc. Also clean the BBQ after the event.  This job typically requires check-in 1 hour before Wednesday evening meets (not as early for Saturday morning meets). 
  • Grab Bag – Help out, where needed, the day of the event.  
  • Relief Timer – Relieve LT timers for a short break. Please introduce yourself to all LT timers before the meet begins, then sit near the Head Timer so that you are visible if timers need a break.  Check in with the timers on a regular basis.  You may also be asked to pass water to the timers on hot days.
  • Runner – Collect the time slips from the recorders at the end of each race and deliver them to the desk.
  • Ribbons – Receive placement labels, adhere them to the appropriate ribbons, and file our team's ribbons in each swimmer’s folder.  For Away meets, you are responsible for picking up the ribbon file box at Las Trampas Pool prior to the meet and returning it to LT following the meet.
  • Shepherd – Organize and line up the 6 & unders and 7/8s for their events. There is more information about shepherding below.  NEW POLICY: You may not hire a substitute to cover your Shepherd shift.  This role must be filled by a swim team parent.
  • Snack Shack – Help prepare food, work the window, clean up, and other responsibilities in the snack shack as assigned by the Snack Shack Manager.  The Health Dept. requires that Snack Shack workers wear a hat or a hair net.  You must be at least 18 years old to work in the Snack Shack.
  • Timer/Recorder – Record times for each race. Half the timers are from the host team and half are from the away team. The Recorder records time(s) for each race. The Head Timer will give instructions about 10 minutes before the meet starts. Be sure to sit in a chair marked for Las Trampas.

Click here for detailed 2018 Parent Job Requirements.

Click here for How to Register for Jobs
Click here for How to Check Your Parent Job Schedule



If you cannot honor your Meet Job obligation, you must provide a substitute to cover your shift.  It is your responsibility to find a substitute, not the Meet Job Coordinator. Once you have secured a substitute, please email Marisa Canoles ( with confirmation of your substitute's name, email address and phone number.  Plan ahead and hire your subs early - please don't wait until the last minute.

We have a list of approved subs on the website under Parent Jobs –> Meet Jobs Substitute List. You coordinate payment directly with your sub ($50 per meet). You are not required to use one of the listed people (you may hire any responsible neighbor, friend, or family member) but please be mindful that Snack Shack workers must be at least 18 years old.  Substitutes may not perform the Shepherd job.  


If you plan to hire substitutes for more than 3 jobs for the season, please apply for a buyout.


If your substitute fails to show up for the swim meet, or leaves early for any reason, you will be charged the $75 fee for failure to show up for your assigned job (see below).  



Families may choose to buy out of their seven Meet Jobs for $400, which includes all regular season meets, but excludes the DCSL Championship and Invitationals.  BUYOUT AVAILABILITY WILL BE LIMITED based on overall team registration.  If you are interested in a buyout, please email Marisa Canoles (



Failure to show for your assigned job or make alternate arrangements will result in a fine of $75.  All fines must be paid before your swimmer will be entered in another meet. For more information about the fines policy, please click here.



  • Check in with the Head Shepherd to receive your lane assignment, lane sheets and shepherd apron.  You must check in at least 20 minutes before the meet starts.  Head Shepherds in 2018 are Sean George and Peggy Lynch.
  • Following the team cheer and approximately 15 minutes prior to the start of the meet, the Head Shepherd bell will ring for Medley Relay.
  • Stand by your lane cone.  Collect the children in your lane.  Arrange them in order according to your lane sheets.
  • Check the sign-in sheets if you are missing a swimmer to determine if he/she is in attendance.   Advise one of the coaches if the swimmer is not at the meet.  (It is not your responsibility to locate a swimmer.)
  • For the Medley and Free Relays you will need a partner.  Sort out the swimmers who need to be at the Big Blocks (near the timers).  Your partner will take these swimmers to that end of the pool.   Stay with the rest of your group at the other end.  Click here for information on how to read the meet program
  • Keep the swimmers in line, and try to minimize horseplay.
  • The Head Shepherd will ring the bell for the next event while the 13/14’s are in the water swimming the prior stroke.