Publicity Info


Publicity Information:

1) Upon completion of the swim meet, it is the HOME TEAM parent rep's responsibility to gather the final score of the meet (both team's scores) along with the names of any swimmer from BOTH teams who achieve a triple win (first place in 3 individual strokes).

2) Submit scores and names of triple winners to Kristin Weaver as quickly as possible, preferably via email [email protected]

If you do not have quick access to a computer you can text the results/triple winners in to Kristin at (919) 452-4926. Please be sure to identify your team in the text first.  

3) Make sure to check spellings of names. Ages of swimmers or strokes should not be reported. 

5) If you have any extraordinary swim stories or unusual activities related to DSSL (community service activities, swim-a-thons for charity etc) that you deem newsworthy, please send them along to Kristin at any point during our season. 


Wednesday Night Meet - Send Wednesday night/Thursday AM

Saturday AM Meet - Send immediately (by 3:00 PM)