Jodi Brookhart Award


Jodi Brookhart Award

Jodi Brookhart graduated from Northern High School in 1992.  She swam for Homestead Heights during her DSSL career.  

In the fall of 1992, while attending UNC-Western, Jodi was injured in a terrible car wreck.  The neurosurgeon told her parents that if it were not for her outstanding physical condition, she may not have survived the crash.  

Swimming is one of the activities that Jodi is able to do on her own.  Her parents continue to take her swimming, and she loves it!


The Jodi Brookhart award is presented annually to honor a swimmer who has overcome obstacles in the pursuit of the sport of swimming and has displayed special courage and spirit in the process.


Rose Golonka, 2019 Jodi Brookhart Award Winner

Chloe Pearce , 2018 Jodi Brookhart Award Winner