Beginning swimmers get a taste of swim team! The Mini-Sprinters are our group of youngsters who are just entering the swimming ranks. Typically, these are swimmers who have just learned how to swim. It is up to the coaches to decide if a swimmer is ready for mini’s -- they may recommend that he/she needs more time in the learn-to-swim program. In addition, if a swimmer is excelling as a mini-sprinter, they may be invited to join the Springwood swim team. This is up to the discretion of the team coaches.

They are given excellent instruction by the swim team coaches and are encouraged to swim in the first three meet events.  Mini-Sprinters begins April 23rd.

Please note: If your mini-sprinter is invited to join the Springwood Swim Team, there will be an additional fee to graduate to the team. The team director can provide additional details about this fee.

Please contact Alison Newlin at for more information.