Team Fees

Team Fee Information:

Springwood Swim Club is not supported by Homeowner Association fees like other neighborhood pools.  Swim team fees cover team t-shirts, coaches’ salaries, age group outing fees for coaches, utility costs and maintenance of the pool facilities. Your swimmer will be using the pool 5 days a week for practices and participate in meets for 3-1/2 months.  Swim team is a family affair. 

We provide sibling discounts:

Swimmer #1:  $200   

Swimmer #2:  $175  

Swimmer #3:  $150  

Each additional swimmer: $110
Mini-Sprinters: $295, if no other siblings

The Mini-sprinter program is for first time young swimmers who aren’t sure of their ability or desire to be part of the swim team.  It allows the swimmer to swim from April 23-June 8 (7 weeks) to test out the waters.  If the coaches think your swimmer has the ability AND your swimmer has the desire, he/she may continue with the team through mid-August by paying the remaining fees of $340 if you join the team but not the Swim Club; or $415 if you join the team AND the Swim Club.
Swimmers in 15-18 age division: $50

We want our older swimmers to continue to participate with the team, and be a role model for our little ones.  We do not charge a non-member fee or a fundraising fee, however, we still need parents to volunteer to help us run our meets.  
Fundraising Fee: $150

The fundraising fee is in lieu of having lots of smaller fundraisers, such as chocolate sales, car washes, etc.  Smaller fundraising efforts would be ok, if we had parents that could volunteer to coordinate them.  If you would like to organize a fundraiser, please speak up – we want to hear from you!
Non-Club Membership fee per family:  $275 

If you do not belong to the Springwood Swim Club, you must pay this fee.  

Springwood Swim Club Membership:  $450 ($350 if joining at time of registration) 

If you join the club, your current household members will have access to the pool for free swim and picnic areas.  See swim club tab for additional information.
Activities Fee: $10 per swimmer

This fee is for various activities held at the pool after practices, including special activities planned Spirit Week: Crafts, Rootbeer Floats, ice cream, Popsicles and other fun stuff.  This fee does not include Buddy Night or other age group activities.