Debbie Siegel Spirit Award

This award can be traced back to the initial years of the Castro Valley Crocodiles, when the team was known as the “Columbia Crocodiles”.  Debbie and her husband, Dave, were one of the founding families of the swim team, and were instrumental in the success of the team in the early years.  Her son Louis swam for the team during the Crocodiles first year in the EBSL (1996) and continued swimming for the team all the way up to his senior year in high school (2007), at which point he became ineligible due to age restrictions.
It was Debbie’s spirit and enthusiasm for the sport and the swimmers that will be remembered by all who had the pleasure of knowing her.

Debbie took responsibility for most activities on the team, from snack bar, to meet coordinator, to treasurer.  Debbie’s “spirit”  will be remembered most of all, as Debbie was always asking “How can I help”.  It was this attitude that lead to this award, and hopefully her memory will remain alive for many years to come.
Debbie passed away in July of 2005, just before CHAMPS, but her spirit lives on in this award, and the Crocodiles will forever be in debt for the special spirit that she brought to the team.  Debbie’s husband, Dave, still resides in Columbia and her son, Louis, recently married and is living in Castro Valley as well.


Award winner Year
Michele Donahue 2005
Wendi Bushehry; Chris Krewer 2006
Debbie Cagigas 2007
Mandy Armstrong 2008
Gorett Allenbach 2009
Judy Wirdzek; Kristi Domin 2010
Mike Panko; Dawn Coupe 2011
Emi Sarena; Linda Luebker; Dub Whitaker 2012
Ruth Hunter; Rey Godoy; Kristie Monteiro 2013
Shay Parajon 2014
Bart Girard 2015
Garland Dughi 2016
Lynette Watkins 2017
Seana Flowers 2018
Brandy Kwan; Linda Fusinati 2019
Lilli Hart; Rachael Davis; Jason Gin 2021