Point System Summary

Parent/Family Volunteers

Parent volunteer involvement is essential to the effective operation of our swim team and the success of our dual meets. It also contributes to our team pride!

The Crocodiles use a point system to track volunteer involvement.

We require each family to volunteer for a number of jobs during the season to earn at least 70 points. See a list of job descriptions and points. Volunteer jobs include support of dual meet operations as well as support for our social and fundraising events. Sign-ups for jobs are done on-line.

Which jobs should I choose?

New volunteers: If you are new to the team, we recommend starting with some 10 point jobs. These are easier and will help you learn the basics of a swim meet, like timing and recording. If you have a swimmer age 10 and under, and like working with kids, Age Group Coordinator might be a good fit for you.

Returning members: Step up to some larger jobs on the team. And if you want to help with the general operations, talk to a Board Member about other opportunities.

Are There Other Requirements In Addition to the Point System?

Yes!  There are two other requirements in addition to the regular-season volunteer requirements.

  1. Championship Meet (CHAMPS) at the end of the season:
    One adult volunteer per family, minimum of one shift. (unless you do not have a swimmer participating in the Championship meet)
  2. Black & Green Meet (Time Trials) at the start of the season:
    One adult volunteer per family, minimum of one shift.  It is a perfect opportunity to learn about dual-meet jobs.

The Board, coaches, and swimmers greatly appreciate your time.