Job Descriptions and Points

Parent Volunteer Job Descriptions

For home and away meet jobs, job sign-ups will be available the Sunday before each meet.  Look for a reminder in the weekly Sunday email.  To sign up for available meet jobs go to the Events tab and select Job sign up.  Descriptions of meet-related jobs are below.

There are also several non-meet related jobs.  Descriptions of those jobs are further down on this page.  To sign-up for a non-meet job, please contact Emi Sarena.

Home and Away Meet Jobs

First shift is the start of the meet until the end of backstroke

Second shift is immediately after the break until the end of Free Relay


Age Group Coordinator (AGC)    10 points


  • Home and Away meets

  • Assist 10 and under swimmers to their events

  • 8 volunteers per shift BOYS

  • 8 volunteers per shift GIRLS

Announcer    20 points

  • Home meets only
  • Announce swim meet events and swimmer names

  • Announce general information during meet

  • Coordinate with the Starter to keep meet on schedule

  • Must have training

  • 1 volunteer per shift


Apparel Sales     10 points

  • Home meets only
  • Sell apparel at home meets

  • 1 volunteer per shift

Computer Director    70 points Filled for 2020 Season

  • Home and Away meets
  • Create meet sheets

  • Coordinate with coach and opposing team’s computer coordinator

  • 1 volunteer


Computer Director Assistant    70 points


  • Home and Away meets

  • Record swimmers’ times and meet scores

  • Email ribbon labels to Ribbon Coordinator

  • 1 volunteer


Computer Scorekeeper   20 points

  • Home meets only
  • Monitor and confirm computer scorekeeping
  • Must have training - Contact Emi Sarena if interested
  • 2 volunteers per shift

Equiptment Manager     70 points

  • Manage and set up/clean up at Home meets
  • Bring pop-up tents to Away meets

  • Contact Seana Flowers or Rachel Davis for more information

Head Timer     10 points

  • Home meets only
  • Distribute and collect stopwatches to Timers

  • Use two backup stopwatches

  • Replace Timer’s stopwatch if Timer misses a start or finish

  • 2 volunteers per shift

Meet Set Up (before)     10 points

  • Home meets only
  • Arrive at 6:15 A.M.

  • Set up:

Timers, Recorders and Score table chairs

Score table

Pop-up tents

  • 2 volunteers per meet

Meet Clean Up (after)     10 points

  • Home meets only
  • Take down:

Timers, Recorders and Score table chairs

Score table

Pop-up tents

  • 2 volunteers per meet

Recorder    10 points

  • Home and Away meets
  • Receive times from Timers

  • Record swimmer’s time on time card

  • 3 Volunteers per HOME meets

  • Volunteers vary depending on AWAY meet pool lanes

Runner    10 points

  • Home meets only
  • Get time cards from recorders

  • Bring cards to scorekeeper table

  • 1 volunteer per shift

Scorekeeper (AWAY)    10 points

  • Away meets
  • Records swimmers times on score sheets

  • Assigns points earned

  • Volunteers per shift vary depending on AWAY team

Snack Bar Coordinator    70 points Filled for 2020 Season

  • Home meets only
  • Create menu

  • Shop for food, beverage and supplies

  • Bring food, beverage and supplies to home meets

  • Set up snack bar area with helpers

  • Manage snack bar

  • 1 volunteer needed



Snack Bar Breakfast Cashier    10 points

  • Home meets only
  • Assist the snack bar coordinator with preparation

  • Responsible for cash box/cashier

  • First shift help set up

  • 2 volunteers per meet


Snack Bar Breakfast Crew    10 points

  • Home meets only
  • Help the snack bar coordinator prepare/cook breakfast
  • 2 volunteers per meet



Snack Bar Donuts (Breakfast)    20 points

  • Home meets only
  • Pre-order and purchase (no reimbursement) a variety of three dozen donuts in advance from a donut shop (not Safeway or a grocery store)
  • Pick up Saturday morning and deliver to the snack bar by 6:30 A.M.
  • 1 volunteer per shift


Snack Bar Lunch Cashier    10 points

  • Home meets only
  • Assist the snack bar coordinator
  • Responsible for cash box/cashier
  • Second shift help clean up snack bar area
  • 2 volunteers per meet


Snack Bar Lunch Crew    10 points

  • Home meets only
  • Help the snack bar coordinator prepare/cook lunch
  • 2 volunteers per meet


Spirit Poster    10 points

  • Friday before home meets
  • Organize table with supplies (provided by team) and oversee swimmers making posters
  • Hang posters at the pool (Friday)
  • Take down the posters  (Saturday after meet)
  • 1 volunteer


Starter    20 points


  • Home meets only
  • Attend training provided by EBSL

  • Call swimmers to the blocks and starts each event

  • Ensure a fair and legal start

  • 1 volunteer per meet

Timer    10 points

  • Home and Away meets
  • Uses a stopwatch to record swimmer’s times

  • Give swimmer’s time to Recorder

  • 18 volunteers per HOME meet

  • Volunteers vary depending on AWAY meet pool lanes


Non-Meet Jobs

Contact Emi Sarena to sign up for non-meet jobs.

End-of-Season Party Helpers    10 points

  • Arrive venue early to help coordinator with set up

  • Help things to run smoothly during event

  • Help with clean up

  • 4 volunteers


Board Member - Shadow    20 points (possibly more)

  • Assist alongside a Board member to serve as future Board member
  • Serve as a backup to Board member
  • Attend at least one Board meeting during the season
  • 1 volunteer per Board position



End-of-Season Party Coordinator     30 points


  • Board will reserve facility and caterer

  • Coordinate, confirm date and time with venue

  • Advertise event

  • Sell tickets before event

  • Collect tickets at the door

  • Arrive venue early to set up; avoid volunteering a late shift at Champs

  • Clean up

  • 1 volunteer


Swim-a-thon Coordinator    70 points 

  • Advertise event and communicate event with the team

  • Make arrangements for food and beverage

  • Set up and clean up event

  • Solicit lap counter volunteers

  • Collect sponsor sheets and money

  • Tabulate most laps and most money collected from each age group

  • 1 volunteer


Champs Program – Crocodiles Team Coordinator  40 points Filled for 2020 Season

  • Organize and format the Crocodiles’ team pages for Champs program
  • Submit team ads to the league
  • Collect Champs Program pre-orders from team members
  • Distribute Champs Programs at Champs
  • 1 Volunteer


Champs Stroke and Turn Official    30 points plus Champs Job

  • Attend 1 hour league training session in July
  • On deck at Champs as a Stroke and Turn official
  • You do not work the entire day but you need to be available the entire day
  • 4 volunteers


EBSL Champs Representative    70 points Filled for 2020 Season

  • Attend two EBSL Champs meetings

  • 2018 and 2019 – Officials

  • 1 volunteer


Apparel Coordinator     70 points 

  • Home meets only

  • Advertise to team

  • Set up pop-up tent, table and apparel at time trials and home meets

  • Manage apparel hut

  • 1 volunteer



Ribbon Coordinator    70 points plus Champs Job


  • Store ribbon supplies during season
  • Inventory and order ribbons (see a Board member to order)

  • Apply swim event results label to ribbons after each meet (will receive via email from Computer Coordinator Assistant)

  • Bring ribbon boxes to practice and remind swimmers to pick them up

  • Work in the ribbon room at Champs

  • Help finish labeling ribbons at Champs

  • Pick up our swimmers’ ribbons at Champs

  • Bring ribbon boxes and Champs ribbons to the end-of-season party

  • 1 volunteer needed