New Swimmers Attending Tryouts

Swimmers will not be allowed to enter the pool and try out without the completed EBSL forms.

Age Group Ability, Tryout and Admittance Criteria

The table below gives insight and explanation to the ability each swimmer should have in each age group. This will give swimmers a good idea of the skills they need to possess in order to participate in their age group for the team. This criteria is designed to give each group a standard level of proficiency and helps it move forward cohesively. It also helps ensure a safe group that is on the same level of learning. Swimmers should fulfill the criteria of each age group below theirs, as well as the one they are entering.

The purpose of tryouts is to evaluate the ability of the swimmers and to make sure they are safe for their age group and able to participate at a proficient level for their group. If they do not meet those standards, then they may not be ready to be on the team this year. Even though you are registered, that does not mean you are admitted to the team. Returning swimmers have priority.

Swimmers must be admitted by the coaches at tryouts. Swimmers who do not attend tryouts may not get another opportunity to be admitted to the team. Swim team is a very big commitment for not only the swimmer, in attending practices and meets, but also for the parents who must volunteer their time. If swimmers or parents are having any doubt, we ask that you do not take a spot of a family who is able to commit. Swimmers who meet the criteria below may not make the team. Not meeting the criteria will not immediately disqualify you, but it will play a part in the evaluation. This, the commitment the family can make, and the size of the age group the swimmer is trying out for, will all play a part in the coaches’ decision on tryout day.

Swimmers who are not admitted to the team after trying out will be refunded.

Swimmers can always improve and at the Crocodiles, we are all about improvement, having fun and promoting a great team atmosphere. If swimmers don’t make it this year, they can always improve for the next season by using clinics, lessons, and other training in the area. We love gaining new swimmers to our Crocodiles family, but we also need to support the integrity of the team and the swimmers on it. Thank you and we are excited for an amazing, fast and fun filled season.

-The Coaches, GO CROCS


6 and Unders

  • Must be water safe and comfortable in the water by themselves
  • Must be able to swim at least ½ a lap freestyle without any assistance
  • Must be able to show comfortability on back and attempt to kick or swim backstroke for ½ a lap


  • Must be able to swim one lap of freestyle with attempted side breathing
  • Must be able to kick on back for ½ lap, preferably a full lap swimming backstroke
  • Knowledge or ability in other strokes is a plus


  • Able to do one lap of either Butterfly or Breastroke, preferably both (imperfections are allowed)
  • Able to do several consecutive laps of freestyle
  • Show ability to do a dive


  • Must be able to dive
  • Must be able to attempt a freestyle flip turn
  • Able to do several consecutive laps of backstroke, breastroke and butterfly

13 and Up

  • Must be able to do all strokes legally
  • Ability to do a freestyle flip turn proficiently
  • Must be able to swim the length of a longer practice and longer distances without stopping

Important Notes:

  • Meeting these requirements does not guarantee admittance to the team
  • Not meeting these requirements does not disqualify swimmers from admittance to the team.
  • It is the coaches’ discretion to allow or deny entrance to the team