Meet Instructions for 10 & Under


For Families with Swimmers under 10 years old

(Download a PDF of the information below.)

1.    Swim event assignments and seeding will be emailed Friday night.


2.    Please write your child’s events, with a permanent marker (a “Sharpie”) on their hand Saturday morning prior to your arrival (see hand diagram).


E – Event number

H – Heat number

L – Lane number

S – Stroke


If your child is swimming in a relay, please also write the relay position number after the stroke in parentheses (see hand diagram).


1 (backstroke)

2 (breaststroke)

3 (butterfly)

4 (freestyle)


Backstroke and butterfly start on the block.  Breaststroke and freestyle start on the opposite end of the pool.


3.    7:00am – Swimmers check-in with the coaches before warm-up.  It is important to check-in with the coaches because no shows may impact a relay team, which could result in a forfeit.


4.    Medley Relay – The Medley Relay is the first event at each meet with the youngest swimmers swimming first.  Line-up starts immediately after the team cheer.  One missing swimmer can forfeit the Medley Relay for other swimmers.  The swimmers have worked hard to prepare for their events, so please be sure to have your child ready.


5.    Please bring your child to the Age Group Coordinator (AGC) table four events before their event.  Although event numbers 20 to 68 are in sequence, the relay events “jump” by two (e.g., 2, 4, 6, 8, etc.).  So, for example, if your child is swimming in event #21, please bring them to the AGC table by event #14 or #16.  If you are unable to bring your child to the AGC table because you are working a shift, please inform one of the AGCs.


6.    Ready with cap and goggles – please bring your child to the AGC table with their cap and goggles.  We want to ensure your child does not miss any events!


Thank you, for bringing your child to swim practice, preparing them for swim meets, volunteering at swim meets and for your encouragement!  The kids love to be cheered on, so let’s show them how much we support them by rooting for all of the swimmers!



Helpful tips for the swimmer


1.    Fuel your body with nutritious food and drink plenty of water the day before a



2.    Drink plenty of water before and after a meet.


3.    Get plenty of rest and go to bed on time the night before a meet.


4.    Eat a healthy breakfast the morning of the meet.


5.    Wear your team suit and team swim cap (this is your team uniform).


6.    What to bring to swim meets:


●      Two to three towels per swimmer

●      Goggles and team swim cap

●      Extra cap and goggles

●      Sunscreen

●      Parka

●      Extra dry clothes

●      Water

●      Food: proteins (nuts, sandwiches, etc.), fruit, snack foods, money for snack bar


Other suggested items for comfort:


●      Blanket to keep warm

●      Blanket to sit on

●      Folding chair, reading material, cards or other games

●      Small cooler for drink and food