CROCS Survival Guide

What to bring to meets

  • towels: usually three per swimmer
  • extras: goggles, cap
  • shade: hat, tent, umbrella, easy-up or similar; SUNSCREEN
  • comfort: folding chair, reading material, cards or other games
  • drink: WATER, chocolate/white milk, other drinks low on sugar and high on rehydration
  • food: proteins (nuts, sandwiches, etc), snack foods, money for snackbar

How is Champs different from a regular meet?

In addition to the stuff above, keep in mind this is an all-day affair, so you may need more drinks, sunscreen, entertainment than usual. If your child is attending his/her FIRST Champs meet, show them where they get checked in for their event, where the bathroom is, where your stuff is set up.  We will have a parent meeting before Champs to show you around the place.

After Champs we celebrate together with dinner and awards ceremony. 

Be a Great Team Member!

  • Sign out for any meets by the deadline.
  • Show up for meets; your teammates are counting on you.
  • Volunteer to help--it's required at meets.  We also want your help in other areas.  Send any board member a message saying you want to help!
  • Don't talk to the coaches during practice or meets.  They need to focus on the kids.  Talk to a board member if you have questions, or send the coach an email through this website.
  • Our team tries to teach good sportsmanship and a focus on individual advancement.  Reinforce this with your swimmer by emphasizing how times have improved, instead of ribbon color/placement.  Talk to them about how nice it is to see clapping and encouragement of fellow swimmers.  Whether your child earns 1st place or 20th, the core values of good sportsmanship and personal improvement remain the same.

Team Finances

All fees should be paid within the first few weeks. Due to the high cost of running a team, we have fundraisers throughout the season.  Help as you can by participating in fundraisers or, if you don't like fundraisers, the team appreciates any extra financial support.