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2021 Application Form

Summer jobs available at Fairview include lifeguard, assistant swim coach, and assistant tennis coach. All applicants must fill out the application and the forms indicated below to verify employment eligibility and age* and to register tax information (links to the form are on the application).

Click on each link and carefully fill out each form as directed. Your application will not be complete until all materials are received and approved.  Please use the checklist below to make sure your forms are complete. Forms should be delivered by email ([email protected]) or in person not later than May 1, 2021. Hired employees should expect to be notified by email not later than May 8. Mandatory employee meetings will occur prior to opening.

 *Minimum employment age for these positions is 15. If you are 15, you must complete process described below on receiving approval from the Department of Labor before you can be hired.

Employment Eligibility Verification:

Employement Eligibility Verificiation Form I-9

This form must be filled out by all NEW applicants. (Those employed by Fairview last year do not have to fill out this form unless your ID used last year has expired.) You must PRESENT to the Fairview Administrator EITHER your passport OR BOTH a government-issued photo ID card (i.e.driver’s license or permit card, military dependent ID, school -issued ID) AND a copy of your Social Security Card, Birth Certificate or other non-photo identification card. We will photocopy these documents and return them to you. Failure to provide these documents by May 1 may jeopardize your employment opportunity. Please read the instructions in the document very carefully to make sure you are filling it out properly.

Tax Documents:

Form VA-4 Virginia Personal Exemptions Worksheet  

IRS Form W-4

You must fill out BOTH the Federal W-4 and the VA-4 documents prior to hiring. Most applicants should claim “0” exemptions or allowances. On the VA-4 form you should check box #3 stating that you are not subject to Virginia withholding if you meet the conditions in the instructions. Most employees who only work in the summer will not make enough money to qualify for VA withholding. If you have another job during the year, you should determine if your combined earnings put you over the threshold. Consult the instructions on each form carefully.


Payroll is processed via Direct Deposit.  All applicants should provide a VOIDED check to verify the bank routing and account number.  If an applicant does not have a check, the information may be hand written and provided to Elizabeth Killian, Bookkeeper.  It may be mailed to her attention to the Club or left in the secure dropbox in the hallway.  

Additional Forms for Lifeguard Applicants:

Lifeguard applicants must provide a copy of their up-to-date Red Cross Lifeguard/First Aid/CPR/AED certification.  Applicants age 18 and older must receive a background check to be certified to work at Fairview. 

Additional Forms for Swim Coaching Applicants:

Swim coaches on deck 18 years old and over prior to June 1st of the current season must have successfully passed a USA Swimming approved, Sterling, Pre-employ, IntelliCorp, Verifications Inc, or Virginia State Police criminal background check within the last two years. Fairview will assist you in applying for this check and will reimburse any expenses.

 All coaches on deck during JSL sanctioned events must have a current Safety Training for Swim Coaches or Lifeguarding (with CPR/AED and First Aid) certification. JSL will pay for the Safety Training for Swim Coaches with CPR/AED and First Aid if you do not have a Lifeguarding certification.  Click SAFETY TRAINING for information on JSL provided courses. Coaches with current lifeguarding certifications can take the online safety training course to satisfy the requirement. 

Additional requirements for applicants who are under 16 years old:

Applicants who are offered employment by Fairview and are under 16 years old must complete a VA Department of Labor process to verify employment eligibility. It is important to start this process early as it can take several days to be completed

Step 1) Applicants should go to this website and click on Step 1 and complete the registration:

Step 2) Notify Fairview Administrator ([email protected]) of the ID number you have been assigned. Fairview will then register you as employed at our facility and receive a verification.

Step 3) Fairview will notify applicant’s PARENT that the registration has been completed and the parent must approve the application on the online registration site.