Volunteer Information


Meet volunteer requirements

We require every family to volunteer for one half of each and every meet you have a swimmer competing in.  This includes home and away meets.  Sign-ups are done on team unify and are open the Sunday before each meet at 6pm.  If you need more information on any job, please see Jenn Wilson.  We strongly encourage families to volunteer and try out new jobs!  Our swim team is run solely on volunteers and without everyone helping, we could not run a successful meet.  When all families help out, it makes it fun not only for the swimmers, but for the parents well!   

Pool Deck Set-Up/Deck Reset volunteer requirements

New this year-All families are required to sign up for ONE time slot for assisting with the setting up of a meet or the tear down/deck resetting immediately following a meet.  This is in addition to volunteering during any and all meets your swimmer is competing in.  Setting up a meet requires roping off areas, installing backstroke flags, posting lane numbers, moving pool deck furniture, putting in lane lines, and setting up supplies needed.  This is done the evening before each home meet.  Tearing down and cleaning up immediately after a meet requires moving pool deck furniture back, taking down and putting away supplies, ensuring the pool deck is free of trash, and ready to open to the neighborhood.  A map of the set up/take down will be provided to all volunteers to assist in proper placement of furniture, equipment and supplies.

Job Descriptions:

Swimmer Check-In

Check in table to affirm which races the swimmers are committed to swimming/write events on swimmers arms

Stroke and Turn Judges

All officials (Starter, Referee, and Stroke and Turn Judges) are certified through an FSSL Clinic prior to the season start.  Officials must know the rules set by the FSSL and apply them consistently.  The Starter announces and signals the start of each heat/event using an electronic starting system.  The Referee oversees the other officials and timers, and has the final say in any disqualification disputes.  The Referee and Starter work together to ensure fair starts for each heat/event.  Stroke and Turn Judges are responsible for watching all dives, turns, strokes, and finishes for each and every heat/event, identifying rule infractions and clearly articulating them as disqualifications.   For the 2018 season each Stroke and Turn judge must undergo training with the FSSL.   


The Starter announces and signals the start of each heat/event using an electronic starting system. Trained judge needed for this position


Assists computer operator with reading times

Ribbon Writers

Placing labels on the appropriate ribbons for delivery to each team.  Dearbought ribbons can be place in the swimmers file box 

Meet Runner

Runners take completed score cards from the timers at the end of each event, to the scoring/IT  table inside the poolhouse.

Heat Winner

Pass out heat winner ribbons to each swimmer who finishes first for each heat in the events.

Head Timer

The Head Timer meets with timers from other teams 15 minutes prior to the first event, making sure that all timers are supplied with working stopwatches and that they understand what is expected of them.  During the meet, the Head Timer makes sure all timers are ready at the beginning of each and every heat/event and signals the Starter that they are ready. The Head Timer uses two watches during each heat/event to serve as backup devices should any of the timers’ watches fail.

Computer Operator/IT

Responsible for recording (and verifying) times from score cards into the computer software package.  Training required for this position

Clerk of Course

Calling and lining up swimmers in their assigned lanes and advances them on the deck as their heats/events approach.  

Display Event Numbers

Responsible for tracking and displaying the current event that is swimming in the water

Safety Marshall

The team safety marshal will wear the provided team vest while performing the following duties:  making sure swimmers behave in a safe manner (no running, abusive language, etc.), walking through the bathrooms checking for cleanliness, reporting maintenance needs to a lifeguard or team rep, monitoring the area around the pool for compliance, ensuring safety for all swimmers and their families and helping to monitor and remind guests that the use of cameras while behind the starting blocks is prohibited.  The safety marshal will immediately report any issues to the team reps.


Timers are responsible for checking to be sure their watches are functioning prior to taking their posts.  There will be three timers for each lane.  One timer is responsible for writing down the times of all three watches for every heat/event, even if the swimmer is disqualified.  The timers will also check the name of the swimmer against the name listed on the score card, for EVERY swimmer.