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Meet Entry Procedure

 Meet Entry Procedures

Very Important!


It will be the responsibility of the parents or guardian to register for each meet indicating if their child or children will be swimming at that weeks' meet.  Entries are due the Tuesday, at midnight, prior to each meet.  Go online to to declare your intent to swim at that weeks' meet.  Each Sunday (at approximately 12 PM) there will be a link on the Home page with the following Saturday's meet information along with two buttons.  One button will be to register your athletes for the meet.  The other will be to volunteer for a job during the meet.   The instructions on the website are very easy to follow and registering your swimmers should only take a few minutes.  We will also send out e-mails indicating the deadline to register with a link that will take you directly to the registration page.  Due to the size of the team it will be impossible for the coaching staff to track down each swimmer’s status.  If you are not registered by Tuesday prior to the meet, it will be assumed that you will not attend that weeks meet and your swimmer will not be entered into the meet.  If you have any questions or concerns please speak to the coaching staff.