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Due to COVID-19 restrictions, parents will not be permitted on deck during the morning practices.  Parents may be admitted entrance to the pool during evening practices with a valid pool pass and capacity allowance.



Suggestions for Practices

·       Arrive early

·       Help install lane lines, if needed

·       Be ready to practice at start time

·       No one will force swimmers to swim

·       Coaches attention will be on swimmers participating in practice; We do not hire baby sitters

·       Encourage practice as preparation for meets

·       Ask questions after practice

·       Don’t forget to pick up your child after practice


More Notes on Practices and Meets


During both practices and meets, we encourage team members to support and respect all other team members by cheering and giving words of encouragement.  Remember that good sportsmanship and respect are two requirements of all of our parents and swimmers.  It has been said that no other team in the league has as much team spirit as us.  Let’s remain true to those words and make sure that everyone knows that Spring Ridge Rocks!



Suggested equipment for practices and meets

Swim Suit(s)

Having an extra one with you could save swimmers from an embarrassing situation. 


Many swimmers prefer to swim with goggles to lessen eye discomfort from pool chemicals.

Swim Cap(s)

A swim cap provides less resistance in the water, and a spare cap is always a good idea.


Many swimmers like to be dry between swims.


Even during the summer, some mornings can be quite chilly.


The sun is stronger than the skin, and we recommend protecting yours and your family’s.

Water Bottle

Swimming is strenuous, so replenish fluids.


“I’m hungry.” “I’m hungry.” “I’m hungry.”

Books and Games

There is a lot of “waiting”, so if your younger child is apt to get bored, books and games might provide some useful distractions.


Please note that the Sharks are not responsible for valuables brought or left at the pool.  We advise leaving iPods at home and protecting cell phones from the water.