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Swim Meets


Swim meets provide an opportunity to record official times for swimmers, and measure improvement in speed and stroke execution.  There is no requirement to attend meets, however most swimmers look forward to participating.


“Swim Meet Lingo”

Swim Meets

Swim Meets are planned gatherings where teams “compete” against each other.


Each meet is organized by events, based on the different swimming strokes, and the sex and age of the swimmers participating.


Each event is comprised of heats, which are a group of swimmers that will be swimming in the pool at the same time.  In general, the swimmers in each heat are grouped so that swimmers with faster times swim in the later heats.








The competition pool is divided into six, 25 meter, lanes.  Each swimmer will line up for his/her event at the end of pool in a lane.

A team parent will announce when it time to line up for each event.  The swimmers will report to the clerk-of-course located at the far end of the competition pool next to the pump house. The volunteers will call each swimmer when it their turn to line up.  It may seem chaotic, but your child will get in the right place for their event.  

Points are awarded to teams based on the finish times of their swimmers.  The team with the most points at the end of the meet wins that meet.  Point totals at the end of the season are used to determine winners of each Division, and to place teams in Divisions for the next season.


Meet Registration = Communication and Commitment

Each week, you must register for that weeks meet on the Sharks website.  The registration indicates commitment to attend the meet scheduled for the following weekend.  The registration is a communication to coaches to schedule the swimmer to swim, and the volunteer coordinator to confirm the schedule of the parent or guardian.  Our team is required to turn in lists of swimmers to the other team, several days before the meet, in order to schedule events and heats for the meet.  Incorrect or late forms may lead to swimmers not being allowed to swim in the meet, or deduction of team points in the meet.

Swim Officials and Disqualifications = Better Swimmers

During meets, trained swim officials will ensure that all strokes are performed legally to ensure fairness to all swimmers.  An illegal stroke is reported as a disqualification (or DQ), and the swimmer’s time is not counted towards point totals.  Swimmers and/or their coaches will be informed of the reasons for any DQ.  We consider DQs to be learning tools, and not punishments.


A few more terms:

Meets where only two teams are participating is referred to as a “Dual Meet”.  Towards the end of the season, all teams from the FSSL Division compete in a single meet, called a “Divisional Meet”, or “Divisionals.  In order to participate at Divisionals swimmers must have participated in two official Dual Meets.  At the final meet of the season, the fastest swimmers from all divisions in the league compete at an “All-Stars Meet”.  All-Star times for each stroke are posted by FSSL, and are frequently swimmers’ goals.


Team Suit

We are pleased to announce the Dolfin Hurricane will be the team suit for the 2016 season.  Please note that the team suit is not mandatory.  Our team vendor this year is Pools, Patio and Porches, whose store is located at 2 Wormans Mill Ct, Frederick. MD,  21701.


Suggestions for Meets

·       Arrive early for warm-ups

·       Parents check in with Team Volunteer Check-in

·       Swimmers check in with Team Swimmer Check-in

·       Help your swimmer relax and encourage support for their teammates

·       Help your swimmer line up and be ready to swim

·       Sip water – stay hydrated

·       Enjoy the day at the pool; Remember our goal is to improve AND have fun













More Notes on Practices

and Meets


During both practices and meets, we encourage team members to support and respect all other team members by cheering and giving words of encouragement.  Remember that good sportsmanship and respect are two requirements of all of our parents and swimmers.  It has been said that no other team in the league has as much team spirit as us.  Let’s remain true to those words and make sure that everyone knows that Spring Ridge Rocks!


Speaking of rocks… During meets we typically have music supplied, so feel free to sing along and dance away the day.  If you are not having fun, then please let us know what we can do differently.


Suggested equipment for practices and meets

Swim Suit(s)

Having an extra one with you could save swimmers from an embarrassing situation. 


Many swimmers prefer to swim with goggles to lessen eye discomfort from pool chemicals.

Swim Cap(s)

A swim cap provides less resistance in the water, and a spare cap is always a good idea.


Many swimmers like to be dry between swims.


Even during the summer, some mornings can be quite chilly.


The sun is stronger than the skin, and we recommend protecting yours and your family’s.

Water Bottle

Swimming is strenuous, so replenish fluids.


“I’m hungry.” “I’m hungry.” “I’m hungry.”

Books and Games

There is a lot of “waiting”, so if your younger child is apt to get bored, books and games might provide some useful distractions.


Please note that the Sharks are not responsible for valuables brought or left at the pool.  We advise leaving iPods at home and protecting cell phones from the water.