Volunteer FAQ's



What is the volunteer requirement?


If you have a child swimming in the meet, then one parent is required to fulfill a volunteer job for the meet.


How do I sign up for a volunteer job is for the meet?


Job sign-up is done online via your swimmer/s account. An email will be sent out to alert you as to when sign-up is fill quickly! Get online as soon as you can to grab the volunteer position you like.  


I did a job that I really like and would like to do that job at every meet. Is this possible?


The quicker you get online after the email alert, the better chance you have a getting the job you like.


I don’t want to or can’t do that job on meet day so what do I do?


You are responsible for finding someone to switch with you or finding a replacement. Our parent volunteers are very dedicated to a successful meet. It’s not unusual for a both parents to offer to work a meet if it’s clear that we are short volunteers. If a parent steps in to help you out, then please offer to do the same for them some time!


If you have difficulty fulfilling your volunteer requirements, consider the "Volunteer for Hire Program". This allows you to find a replacement for a fee if you are unable to find someone to fulfill your volunteer commitment. Please speak to the Volunteer Coordinator regarding this issue as soon as possible.


I would like to help out more with the team, but I don't have the there anything I can do?


You are still required to fulfill your volunteer role on meet day, but the team can always use donations to keep running costs down. We are all volunteers but the need for supplies are endless... Paper, ink, toner, pens, labels, food and drinks for the concession stand, swim supplies etc. Please contact a team coordinator with any questions.

Volunteer for Hire Program

The Volunteer for Hire Program has been established for those families that may not be able to volunteer during the swim meets.  It can be done on a per meet basis or a full season. Participation in these programs requires that you meet the deadline. If you do not meet the pre-season (Full Season Buyout) or pre-meet (Per Meet Buyout) deadline then these programs are not available to you and you must fulfill your volunteer responsibility. These deadlines are critical so that the coordinator of this program can hire the appropriate number of volunteers for each swim meet in a timely manner.

Full Season Buyout:  If your family chooses not to volunteer or cannot fulfill your volunteer requirement for the season, you may make a one -time payment of $150. This payment covers the hiring of a paid volunteer to complete your job for all meets, home and away. Once your payment is made, you no longer have any volunteer requirements at any meets. This payment must be made by June 14th at noon. All checks must be made payable to Thornwood Thunder Swim Team.  The full $150 is required regardless of the number of meets your child/ren swims. If you are interested in this program, then please email the Volunteer Committee Chairperson. The deadline on this program is firm.

Per Meet Buyout:  If your family cannot fulfill your volunteer requirement for one meet and you cannot/choose not to find another parent to cover your job, then you may make a one-time payment for that meet of $40. The deadline for participating in a one meet buyout is 5pm on the Sunday prior to the meet. Please email the Volunteer Committee Chairperson if you are interested in participating in a One Meet Buyout.  The deadline on this program is firm.

To email a Volunteer Chairperson or Team Coordinator please click the Contact Us link on the Home Page.