Team Partners
Adult Volunteers

MAFD Volunteer Positions

Deck Positions:

Head Timer:  The Head Timer assures that all lanes have timers, working stop watches, clipboards, pencils, and timing cards/sheets. The Head Timer starts two watches on every race and serves as a back-up for the timers should they miss a start.  This position will also signal the Referee when the swimmers and timers are ready.  They will also meet with the timers and scribes before the start of a session to explain duties and answer any questions.  

Timers:  Timers are responsible for starting their watches at the Starter's signal and stopping their watches when any part of the swimmer's body touches the wall at the finish. 

Scribe/Pickle Operator:  The Scribe/Pickle Operator records the time provided by the timer on the swimmer’s entry card or on the scoring sheet. The scribe hands off the card/scoring sheet to the Card Runner.  This position also triggers the pickle (back up to the timing pads) when any part of the swimmer’s body touches the wall at the finish.

Relay Take Off Judge:  The Relay Take Off Judge ensures that a relay swimmer does not leave the starting platform before the preceding swimmer has touched the end of the pool.  They only work during the Medley Relay and Free Relay Events.

Finish Judge:  Only required at away meets.  The Finish Judges stand at the end of pool and observe the end of the race. They document the finish order by lane number and give this sheet to the Card Runner. 

Card Runner:  The Card Runners are responsible for collecting the event cards/scoring sheet from each scribe and brings them to the card readers at the scoring table. 

DQ Runner:  The DQ Runner works directly with the Stroke and Turn Judges.  They collect DQ slips as needed and brings them to the Chief Judge at the scoring table.  They will also obtain any DQ slips from the Relay Take off Judges.  The judges will raise their hand when an infraction by the swimmer is observed.  This acts as the notification to the DQ runner to obtain the DQ slip as quickly as possible. 


           Omni-Sport Operator:  The Omni-Sport Operator runs the Omni-Sport board and scoring system during the meet.  They record scratches and event numbers on the heat sheet.

Card Sorter/Reader:  The card sorter/reader receives and sorts all time cards and judging slips from the deck.  This person also sorts DQ slips.  They read the information from the cards/slips to the score recorder.  The card sorter/reader is responsible for correctly ordering all event cards and judge slips for proper storage after the meet.    

Score Recorder:  The Score Recorder records swim time information of all heats for one gender into the computer.  They check finish judge slips, print reports, and print ribbon labels.    

Ribbon Writer:  The ribbon writer puts the labels received from the Score Recorder and places them on the appropriate place ribbon for each event.

Clerk of Course

     Head Clerk of Course:  The Head Clerk of Course is responsible for placing all swimmers’ cards in the card rack for every event prior to the start of the meet.  They ensure that the Event Call Number is visible to the swimmers and their families and that it is accurately calling the correct event numbers to the Clerk of Course.  They are responsible for ensuring that all 11 and over swimmers have pulled their correct card prior to their events.  The Head Clerk of Course is responsible for organizing the 10 and under swimmers by heat and lane.  The Head Clerk of Course coordinates with the coaching staff as needed re: problems with individual or relay cards.

       Assistant Clerk of Course:  The Assistant Clerk of Course helps the Head Clerk of Course in lining up the 10 and under swimmers into correct lanes and heats.  They ensure the 10 and under scoring cards are delivered to the scribes.

       Deck Parent:  The Deck parent on the Block side of the pool will be responsible for ensuring that the 11 and over swimmers are at the block prior to the start of the event.  There will be two Deck Parents on the Street side of the pool to ensure that all 10 and under swimmers are in their appropriate lane and sitting according to their event/heat number.  Each Deck Parent on the Street side will be responsible for three lanes.

       Guides:  Guides will escort 10 and under swimmers after they have been lined up in Clerk of Course from the Block side of the pool to the Street side of the pool.  They will hand off the swimmers to the Deck Parents.

 Skilled Workers/Certified Positions 

(GKAISI Training and Certification Required)

Stroke and Turn Judge:  The Stroke and turn Judge determines if each swimmer is swimming the stroke legally as defined by GKAISA Swimming rules. It is the responsibility of the Stroke and Turn Judge to disqualify any swimmer whose stroke, start, turn, or finish is illegal.  New stroke and turn judges will apprentice with a veteran before working a meet independently.

Referee:  The Referee presides over the meet to see that the meet runs on time and is fair and safe for all swimmers.  The Referee has the overall authority and responsibility for seeing that the competition complies with all appropriate rules and regulations. The referee resolves all questions related to the conduct of the swim meet and reviews any disqualifications before they are sent to the Scorer’s Table. 

Starter:  The Starter ensures that all swimmers receive a fair and equitable start. The Starter works closely with the Referee and assumes responsibility for the start at the Referee's signal. The Starter steps the swimmers onto the starting blocks or into the water, directs the swimmers to "take their mark," and in conjunction with the referee, determines when a false start has occurred.

Chief Judge:  The Chief Judge works with the meet Referee to ensure the meet runs smoothly.  The Chief Judge aids in reviewing and validating any swimmer disqualifications.