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Maryville-Alcoa Flying Dolphin Hall of Fame


David & Beth Lazar

For our newly established Hall of Fame, we wanted to recognize some INCREDIBLE people who definitely deserve this honor.  Twenty-two years ago, a family came to join the Maryville-Alcoa Flying Dolphins.  During that summer of 1997, young Hannah Lazar, age 5, made a splash.  The contributions of this family will have a perpetual ripple.  Father David Lazar would go on to serve in countless leadership positions such as Vice President for two years, President for four years, SMI Meet Director, and Treasurer for two years.  This was definitely a family affair.  Mom Beth Lazar also served as President for two years and SMI Meet Director.  She was instrumental in the purchasing of our first touchpads.  The swimmers love to see their times flash up on the scoreboard, and Beth is the reason for this.  Daughters Malerie and Olivia also joined in and have contributed much spirit and coaching expertise to our team.   Help me in recognizing the INCREDIBLE Lazars!

Terry & Denise Gardner

Denise and Terry became Dolphin parents in 2004 when their daughter Mallory started to swim at age 7. Their son, Will, also became a Dolphin at age 6. Denise became the SMI Director in 2008 and achieved remarkably successful meets for 9 consecutive years through SMI 2017. Denise served as the MAFD President from 2012 until 2014. Terry served as an official, an official’s trainer, and advisor.  Terry served the area as a board member at GKAISA, was then elected the GKAISA President in 2016 through 2018.

 While SMI director, Denise led the implementation of numerous significant improvements to the SMI meet. She managed the change to a single tent supplier and then implemented a new vendor to manage the rentals and tent installation. She took us from awarding meet trophies (which no one had cases to exhibit) to meet banners, which everyone proudly displays in their SMI tents and in their practice facilities. She brought us the “Coaches Relay” which brings a huge fun element of competition and interest from our coaching staffs and swimmers. Most importantly to the Dolphin fund raising she expanded the SMI “Spectator Swim” to make it second only to the swimmer entry fee in revenue creation.

Terry has represented the Dolphins interests at GKAISA. He has also become one of the top SMI Meet Referees. His willingness to help SMI each year for the weekend has been a great blessing to the Dolphins.