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Swim Meet Timeline

Swim Meet Timeline for a Home Meet


4:30 p.m.     Arrive at Springbrook Pool

  1. Do not park in Fire/Bike Lane, but you may unload your car there.

  2. Enter at the gate to the far right as you face the pool from the parking lot.  We will have our Dolphin Flag at the entrance.

4:30 – 4:45 p.m.   Pre-Warm-up

  1. Go through worker and swimmer check in at the blue tents that are immediately inside the gates

  2. All 11 and older swimmers will be given their event cards at this time. 

  3. Stake your real estate claim with your tent/camp chairs/blankets and set up your family’s home base for the meet - Please remain 6 feet apart from other family units.

  4. Consult the heat sheets hanging on the chain link fence behind the check-in tents. They are organized by gender and then age. You should see all your child’s events in one place. 

  5. Write your swimmer’s events on his arm or leg and his last name on a shoulder blade.  Typical formats for events are:

                                                #5        IM       2/6      or       5/2/6

This means the swimmer is in Event 5, Individual Medley, Heat 2, Lane 6


                                                #15      FR       3/1      or        15/3/1

                                                Means the swimmers is in Event 15, Freestyle, Heat 3, Lane 1

                                                Everything should be written on DRY skin with a Sharpie.

                                                Sharpies do not work after they have been used on wet skin!

5:00 p.m.    Home Team Warm-Ups

  1. Coaches will call for 10 and Unders to come to the blocks for a 15 minute warm-up.

  2. During this time the 11 and Up Swimmers may meet with coaches

  3. After 15 minutes, the two age groups switch.

5:45 p.m.     Team Meeting

  1. The coaches will call the entire team together for a pep talk and to do the team fight chant.

  2. After that, if your child is swimming in the Individual Medley, he needs to report to Clerk of Course – there will be an announcement made over the PA. Other swimmers can go to their family camp.

  3. If you are working the meet, there will be a workers’ meeting at the scoring tents next to the diving wells at 5:45.  First half workers will report to their stations from the meeting.


6:00 p.m.    Meet Begins

  1. There will be a welcome given over the PA system.  Then the meet will begin.

  2. Keep an eye on the Clerk of Course tent.  There is a sign board that tells the number of the event that is being called to the tent—Not the event that is in the water!   If your child is swimming Event 23, and the sign says Event 21, please at least know where he is so that there is no hunting around for swimmers.  When the numbers change, we need the swimmers to come to the Clerk of Course very quickly.  Clerk of course is only required for 10 and under swimmers.  These swimmers will receive their event card at Clerk of Course and will be assisted as needed in getting to the pool deck and seated in the correct lane.

  3. Keep an eye on electronic score board on the street side of the pool.  It will indicate the event number in the water. 

  4. You do not need to stay with your child at Clerk of Course. 

  5. After your child swims, be sure they have touched base with the coach who is standing at the end of the lane.  This is the best time for your child to receive encouragement and feedback. 

7:30 p.m.     Half-Way Point of the Meet

  1. This is the point in the meet (Event 35) when the 1st half workers switch with the 2nd half workers.  Please make your way to your post by Event 33 and be ready to step into place.

  2. Be sure your swimmer is hydrated and fed.  Sometimes they get to playing and forget the important things.

8:45 p.m.     Approaching the end of the Meet     

  1. Getting close to the end.And you thought we’d never get here! This is the time that a lot of people begin gathering their things:packing tents, making trips to the car, etc.

  2. While you’re doing this, don’t forget to watch the Clerk of Course tent so your child does not miss an event.

  3. If your swimmer has finished all his events, feel free to leave. However, please be sure that your child has not been added to a relay team in Events 61-70. If you leave, and your child is on a relay team, that means that 3 other children will miss their last event. Please double check because there are often last minute changes.

9:15 p.m.     Meet Ends

  1. There’s a lot of equipment that needs to be put away. The more helpers we have, the sooner we all can go home. Even if you only have time to put away a pop-up tent, please give a helping hand.

  2. The grounds need to be checked for trash and lost items.

  3. Because our meets are virtual, the winner of the meet will not be announced until both teams have completed their events.  This may be a couple of days after your child swims. 

  4. Ribbons will be distrubuted by the coaches at practice.