ALL families are asked to provide volunteers for AT LEAST 3 "meet halves" during each season.  This is to ensure that we have enough volunteers to keep the meets running efficiently without any delays.  If you have any questions about the positions, trainings, or anything else about volunteering please contact us!

Certified Positions:  These are jobs that require a training class before working the position.  If you are interested in training please contact Coach Chris for details.  If you are currently certified for GRAL (Greater Richmond Aquatic League) or USA Swimming for any of these positions, your certification will count for the Greater Richmond YMCA Swim League.  Please email your certification to Coach Chris.

  • Referee – Head Official who signs off on all DQ’s, ensures the efficient running of the meet, and makes sure everything is fair.  The Referee has final say in all disputes and must sign off upon the completion of the meet.
  • Starter – Starts each race, ensures fair and consistent starts throughout the meet, and DQ’s false starts with guidance from the Referee.
  • Strokes and Turns Judge – Ensures that swimmers are following all rules in each event during the meet.  They DQ any swimmer who does not follow League rules during their events to ensure a fair race for all swimmers.
  • Computer Worker – Enters in registration information for home and away teams, seeds meet, and enters in meet results with the help of the table workers.

Non-Certified Positions: These are jobs that do not require any training classes.  Instructions will be given at the meet on how to do these jobs.

  • Head Timer – Runs backup watches for any Timer whose watch fails during a meet.
  • Timer - Starts and stops stopwatches during races and records times.
  • Clerk of Course – Responsible for sorting swimmers into their heats and lanes. 
  • Table Worker – Receives timer sheets and circles middle time to be used as the official time.  May also read off results and DQ’s to the Computer Worker
  • Announcer – Calls swimmers to Clerk of Course and makes other required announcements.
  • Runner – Collects timer sheets from timers after each round of events and also collects DQ card from Judges to be approved by the Referee before being brought to the Table Workers.
  • Mite Parent – Helps coaches and Clerk of Course Helpers organize 8 and Under relays.  They also help walk them onto the pool deck and stay with each relay to ensure they are in the correct heat and lane.
  • Check In Worker - Runs the check-in table for our team's swimmers and volunteers at each meet.
  • Ribbon Worker - Puts the labels on ribbons and files them on the Monday after each meet during the 3:45 PM practices.
  • Reserve - Parents who are willing to be on a list of extra volunteers in case of no-shows or if there is a need for more non-certified positions.