Volunteer Positions

Swim Meet volunteer position descriptions

Computer entry (scorekeeper) – Input swimmer times into Meet Manager computer program. Home team enters data, visiting team reads times. You will have a chance to briefly step away to watch your swimmer. Get to sit under canopy at meets!

Sheet/Card Judges - Results are brought to the Sheet Judge by the runners. They will come after the sheets are full, which could be every 4 events or so. There should be 3 times for each lane. Circle the middle time for each swimmer.  Pass the sheets to the computer entry person to enter results. We are a timed league. Even if the official picks a place – go by time. The only reason to go by place pick sheets is if there a huge discrepancy in times.  In discrepancy, ask for parent representatives to agree. You will have a chance to briefly step away to watch your swimmer. Get to sit under canopy at meets!

Bullpen – Monitor and locate swimmers within bullpen and ine up swimmers so that they are ready for their race. Line up swimmers 4-5 heats ahead of time. Hand off line of swimmers to lane loader. Must be able to focus on swimmers in bullpen, but will be able to step away briefly for their own swimmer’s events. High energy and patience needed...swimmers consume a lot of sugar!

Lane Loaders/Block worker -- Escort swimmers from bullpen to the blocks prior to their events. Place swimmers in order in heat chairs behind blocks. Check swimmer names against heat sheets. You may get wet. You will see most events.

Concession/Hospitality Shop for concession items 1-2 days before meet. Sell, cook, exchange of money, cleanup of concession area. Take water around to timers, official and coaches. Home meets only. Standing most of the meet.

Starter Assistant/Announcer – Assists starter by keeping track of heats coming to the blocks. Write down 1-2-3 as starter calls out places of the last heat of the event.  Please note DQ’s per starter’s directions and note team initials. Send DQ slips with the heat sheets to the score table by way of runner.  May get wet, will be able to see all the events.

Set-up -- Meet 1 hour before meet warm-ups begin. Move chairs off pool deck/into bullpen. Set up “no-parking” signs along road. Set up canopies for scorekeepers and card judges. Put up backstroke flags and block numbers. Set up heat chairs behind blocks. Set up tables for concession stand. Set up safety cones and ropes around pool. Duties are finished before meet starts!

Takedown/Clean-up – Must stay until after the meet ends. Take down backstroke flags and put away; Take VCH Banner down and put into shed; Take down caution cones and ropes and return to shed. Turn off lights, including those near picnic tables, restrooms, and bullpen; Put chairs back for regular pool use around pool; *Gather trash to throw away (swimmers ARE responsible for own trash); *Gather lost/found items and give to Swim Team Representatives.

Timer & Alternate Timer -   Meet with Official during warm-ups, for instructions and watch check. Be on time – which is during warm-ups – cannot start meeting until all timers are present. Get watch from Parent Rep and return it after meet. Must time every swimmer, stop as soon as any part touches wall, and write down all three times for the lane. Check swimmer last name as they exit water. Ask for alternate timer if miss start. Feet (and more) will get wet; standing entire meet. See every event.

Runners – Work with other runners to ensure that all timing sheets are taken from the timers of each lane to the score table after each event.  There are 78 events to run at each meet. Pick up DQ slips from Starter Ass’t after each event also. Will be able to see every event.