Volunteer Job Descriptions



ALTERNATE TIMER (1 per meet) Starts a stop watch at the beginning of each race as a back-up for the timers. If a timer misses that start, he/she will raise hand and call “Alternate!” The alternate timer will come over and finish timing the race on their watch.

ANNOUNCER (1 per home meet) Announces the events for the main bull pen and spectators over the PA system. Reports any results as they are given.

CARD JUDGE (1 per meet) Organizes time sheets as they are delivered by the Runner. Associates DQ slips with the appropriate time sheet and circles the middle time. Reviews time sheets to look for potential errors (significant spread in time, difficulty reading, inappropriately truncating the times, etc.). Notifies parent rep if there is a problem. Determines if a timing malfunction occurred.

CHECK-IN/RUNNER (2 per meet) Arrives early to check in swimmers and volunteers, then divides up the job of runner.

CLEAN UP (2 per meet) Cleans up the pool deck and bull pen areas periodically during and after the meet, collecting trash and placing items in the lost and found. For an away meet, the clean up crew ensures our main bull pen is left clean and orderly, and brings found items back to Brentwood, displaying them at the next practice for swimmers to claim.

COMPUTER SCORER (1 per meet) Works with opposing team’s computer scorer to input all times into the computer as they come in from the Card Judge/Runner.

LANE BULLPEN & BLOCKS (3 per meet) Places swimmers in chairs marked with their lane number and prompts them to move forward as their race approaches. Reviews heat sheet to ensure that the swimmer is in his/her designated lane. Also ensures younger relay swimmers are in the correct order, sending or accompanying the appropriate swimmers to the other end of the pool, and ensuring they know what stroke they will swim and in what order.

LANE TIMERS (9 per meet, 18 for Gator meet) Take and record times for all races. In general, the timers are assigned lanes as follows:

Home meets: 2 Brentwood timers in lanes 1,3,5 ;  1 Brentwood timer in lanes 2,4,6

Away Meets: 2 Brentwood timers in lanes 2,4,6;   1 Brentwood timer in lanes 1,3,5

Check name of swimmer with the timer sheet to make sure they match.

Start your watch on the light or the signal. The official will give you warning.

If you miss the start call out “Alternate!” and the alternate will come over with their watch and finish the race.

Stop your watch when any part of the swimmer’s body touches the wall. Watch for underwater touches. Don’t worry about one hand touches- just stop the watch when any part of the body touches the wall. On backstroke events for little kids the head or elbow may be the first body part that touches.

One person should record all of the individual watch times on the timer sheets. Do not circle any times. Don’t worry; the scorer’s table will determine the official time.

A runner will come by to collect each lane’s sheets periodically as needed.

MAIN BULLPEN (9 per meet) Main Bullpen workers are responsible for gathering the swimmers for their races and delivering them to the Lane Bullpen volunteers. They are also responsible for maintaining a positive environment in the bullpen, including encouraging kids to clean up after themselves. Generally, there will be 9 parent volunteers in the main bullpen as follows:

Head Bull Pen Volunteer / Event Tracker

6&u girls – 1 volunteer

6&u boys – 1 volunteer

7-8 girls – 1 volunteer

7-8 boys – 1 volunteer

9-10 girls – 1 volunteer

9-10 boys – 1 volunteer

11+ girls – 1 volunteer

11+ boys – 1 volunteer

Swimmers are highly encouraged to sit with their age group so parent volunteers can locate them when it is their turn to swim. Parent volunteers should ask the Parent Reps for the heat sheets when they arrive at the meet.

PARKING (3 per home meet, 2 for Gator meet) Directs cars to parking areas/spots. Directs visitors to bullpen, changing rooms and other facilities. Parking helpers must arrive at home meets by 4:30 p.m. Parking attendants must reserve 2 front parking spots for the official and opposing coach when they arrive. Parking attendants also help cars exit in an orderly fashion at the end of the meet.

CONCESSION / HOSPITALITY (5 per home meet) - 1 volunteer is needed to sell snack & meal items on behalf of the team.  There are four volunteers to run the sales & stand (2 will work half the meet and two will work the other half)-  - 1 volunteer is needed to deliver lemonade and water to other working volunteers and coaches (timers, bull pen volunteers, scoring table, etc.)

RIBBONS (3 per meet) The morning after a meet, the ribbon helper attaches labels to ribbons and places ribbons in labeled file folders. This must be completed by the end of the first practice (9:15am) immediately following a meet. All competitors 10&u, and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, place competitors in 11+ events will receive ribbons.

RUNNER (2 per meet) Picks up timer sheets from each lane and delivers them to the scoring table. This job is now shared and combined with swimmer check in.

STARTER ASSISTANT (1 per home meet) Generally assists official. Records 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in heats as directed by the official. Records DQs as directed by the official.