Jr. Gators


The Brentwood Gators are pleased to offer a training program for young swimmers not quite ready to join the team. The Junior Gators is designed for kids age 5/6 who already show an ability to swim at least across the pool, but need a little more coaching to swim the length of the pool and refine their strokes in order to participate in a meet. 
On the first day of practice, our youngest swimmers will be evaluated to ensure that they can safely swim the length of the pool independently.  Any swimmers that the coach feels are not quite ready for swim team may be invited to join our Jr. Gators program which will meet MWF 10:30-11:15 for the month of June, with a mock swim meet on the final day of practice.  If your child is recommended for the Jr. Gator program, half of the registration fee will be refunded to you.
The coach may also recommend swim lessons for some children that aren't quite ready for the Jr. Gators program.  In that case, a full refund will be provided.  Many of the lifeguards and coaches at BSC are available to provide private lessons at a reasonable price.  
 If you feel that the Jr. Gators program might be a good fit for your child, please register them for the regular team online and come to the first practice for an evaluation.  
Please reach out to a parent rep or coach if you have additional questions!