Work Duty Descriptions



Thank you for helping us make summer swim team a positive experience for your children.  

We could not run these meets without all of your help!


Each family is required to work 3 full work duties. Please note:

Many work duties are split into ½ shifts this year. It will take two ½ shifts to equal one full work duty.  So if you choose to work all ½ shifts, you will need to work six ½ shifts to fulfill your 3 work duty requirement.


The minimum age for all jobs is 16 years old.


Per league regulations, meet workers cannot drink alcohol while working the meet.  If only working the 2nd shift, workers must also refrain from drinking alcohol prior to the start of their shift.


Brief Description of Work Duties:

Awards:         Place printed labels on ribbons and file them by swimmer.


Bullpen:                     The bullpen is the place where all swimmers wait for their events to

be called.  Workers will be assigned specific age group(s) to call and line up for events, then directs them to the lane loaders.



Concessions:    Perform pre-meet food prep and pool set-up as directed by parent rep’s, then and operate the concession stand at home meets.



Lane Loaders:          Stationed at the start end of the pool organizing swimmers received

            from the bullpen and loads them to the proper lanes.


Runners:                  Runners pick up the lane heat cards and the DQ slips from the Starter Assistant and deliver them to the score table.


Safety Marshall:        Monitors and corrects safety issues within the pool area. Also monitors the perimeter of the pool area for parking violations and encroachment onto residents’ property.  


Set-Up/Clean Up:      This job is done prior (3:30 – 5:00 pm) and at the conclusion of the meet (~9:00 - 10:30 pm). You will be moving deck furniture, putting meet equipment in place and taking it down and cleaning up.


Starter Assistant*:    Walks alongside the Starter, recording DQ's and other information from the Starter.  Record the lane finishes for heat one. *Requires previous experience – check with parent rep.


Computer Assistant:           Assiste maing computer person as needed. Works at score table, circles the correct (middle) time for each swimmer, and checks for bad timing.


Timers:                 Using a stopwatch provided, time the swimmers in your lane and write the times on the lane timer sheets. 


Please note that we may adjust your work duties and/or ask you to help in different areas, based

on the team’s needs on the day of the event.