What to Bring

What To Bring for Swimmers

  • Arrive in swimsuit.  Please wear this year's team suit to the meets.  For 2017 season the swimmers will be wearing the Predator- Dolphin in Blue/Green for Girls and the  Predator- Jammer - Dolphin Blue/Green for Boys.   It shows support of the team and helps the bullpen workers easily identify our swimmers.
  • Cap and goggles.  Some find it helpful to bring 2 pairs of goggles in the event that one is broken or lost.
  • Warm clothes especially early in the season.
  • Towels, towels and towels.
  • For most kids, the bullpen is all about the social aspect of hanging with their friends but some enjoy having cards or small toys to pass the time.  Please be aware, though, that the bullpen is full of wet kids as such, anything you bring most likely will get wet.
  • Water or sports drinks
  • Snacks - Our coaches strongly encourage healthy eating especially prior to meets (granola bars, yogurt, fruit, cheese sticks).  They encourage kids to hold off on fatty or sugary foods until after they've completed their events.
  • There are limited chairs available in the bullpen.  You may consider bringing a large towel or picnic blanket for your child to sit on.  It is helpful if it is water-resistant.
  • Please remember to mark all items with your child's name.

What To Bring - Parents

  • Chairs - There will be some chairs set-up for spectators but there will not be enough so it's always a good idea to bring lawn chairs from home.
  • Cash or change - Most swim teams rely on concession sales to support their team.  Please be mindful of this when bringing in outside food.
  • Sharpie marker - In case you need to mark your child's personal belongings.  Also you will need to mark your child's events/heats/lanes on his or her arm.
  • Camera