Swim Meet Basics

General Information

  • Our league stresses a friendly, competitive atmosphere.  Please help make teams visiting Warson Woods welcome.  Conversely, when we are visiting other venues, we want to be respectful of their facilities and rules.

  • Swimmers may swim up to 3 individual events (including the individual medley) and 2 relay events.

  • Swimmers may compete up an age bracket but not down.

  • Swimmers must swim in 3 dual meets (2 from our division) in order to compete at the Division Championship at the end of the season.

  • Home teams compete in lanes #1, 3 and 5.  Visiting teams compete in lanes #2, 4 and 6.

  • In the event that it is raining at the start of a meet, there will be a 15 minute delay before a decision is made to start or reschedule.  If it begins raining after a meet has started there will be a 45 minute delay.

  • As part of the River City Racers League, our team adheres to the rules set forth by the league.  All questions concerning meet results, an officiating call or conduct of the meet, should be referred to a parent rep. who will pursue the matter through the proper channels.

  • Parent volunteers and parent representatives are prohibited from consuming alcohol during meets.

  • Please be on time for warm-ups.

  • Notes about Bullpen - There can be up to 100 swimmers in the bullpen.  Workers not only must supervise but also make sure swimmers get to their events.  Please talk to your swimmer(s) about the following:

    • Stay in the bullpen.  This is the best way to ensure that he/she does not miss an event.  When a swimmer scratches, it affects not only the swimmer but the team as well.  If they need to leave the bullpen they should notify a bullpen worker.

    • Horse play in the bullpen will not be tolerated.  Swimmers will receive 1 warning.  After that the swimmer being expelled from the bullpen.  He/she will have to sit with parents for the remainder of the meet and it will be the parent's responsibility to get the swimmer to his/her event(s) on time.

  • Once you receive the heat sheets on the day of the meet, mark on your child in Sharpie marker, his/her event number(s) and stroke.  For older children, you can also mark heat # & lane #.  Also, please mark your child's first initial and last name on his or her upper RIGHT shoulder.  See picture for example.