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All City Dive Meet 2021 at Goodman

All City 2021 Dive Meet is scheduled for Monday - Tuesday, July 26-27 and will be hosted by none other than the Goodman Pool! We are pumped to host our first All City Dive Meet. 

All City Warm-Up
Event Timeline

All City Warm-Ups

Important Note: Please arrive at least 10 - 15 minutes before our scheduled time to ensure that divers get the most of the warm-up. There is a strict time line to ensure that all pools get ample warm up time.

Day of the Meet Warm-ups
The pool opens for warm-ups at 6:30am for all divers. Divers should be prepared to warm-up approximately one hour before their age group starts. Please be early instead of on time.

2021 All City Dive Schedule

Age Group Events
Event times are approximate. All divers should be prepared to run ahead of or behind schedule. It is good to always be early instead of on time. The meet will not be delayed for missing divers.

Event times may be adjusted due to inclement weather and/or number of divers.

Monday, July 26th 

Tuesday, July 27th 

**Divers should be prepared to warm-up approximately one hour before their event starts. Only divers from the specified event may warm up at that time. All divers must be accompanied by their coach. Event times are only approximate. All divers should be prepared for the schedule to run ahead or behind. We will not delay the meet for missing divers. **