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What if the weather is bad? 


  • Practice is rarely to never canceled. 
  • We still hold swim and dive pratice during rain when the are temps are warm. Generally, we practice even if it seems cold. The water temperature is always the same, and active kids stay warm during their practice time. 
  • We do not practice when there is thunder, lightning or strong storms but coaches are at the pool keeping kids occupied in the locker rooms. Goodman pool is required to wait 30 minutes following thunder and/or lightening. 

Cancellation of meets is up to the host pool and are rarely cancelled. Due to our short season, hosts will do all that they can to run a meet. Some accomodations might include a late start or a shorterned meet, meaning that each swimmer gets in one swim which then counts towards the three needed meets for All City. Most pools are required to wait 30 minutes 
 when there is thunder or lightening. Considering athletes must participate in three meets in order qualify for the All City meets, every effort will made to run the meet or a shortened meet.

Is practice or a meet cancelled? 
Practice and meets are rarely to never cancelled but check our website, facebook or email to get the latest information. We do our best to keep you informed. Finally, participation of your athlete is up to your discretion and you are welcome to keep them home.