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Weather Policy 2021

What if the weather is bad? 

 Due to the continued need to practice physical distancing, access to the locker rooms will be limited. Thus, practices for summer 2021 may be canceled if the weather looks threatening. Please watch for emails during instances of potentially threatening weather. We will do our best to keep you informed.

 1. If thunder or lightning occurs within 30 minutes of the start of your respective practice time, your practice may be canceled. An email will be sent to the group(s) impacted shortly after the occurrence of the thunder or lightning to let you know that your practice is canceled.

2. On days that the weather looks iffy, but no thunder or lighting has occurred, we ask that parents or care givers stay on site in case we need to cancel practice immediately. 

3. If the weather looks bad enough for the entire morning, we may cancel all scheduled practices for the day. An email will be sent out to the groups impacted at least 30 mins prior to the start time of the first practice, approximately 7:30am, to let you know that your practice is canceled. 

4. Please make sure to check your email up to 30 mins before practice if the weather looks questionable. We will do our best to give you the most advanced notice if a practice has to be canceled or we if decide to try and hold practice. We will try to send out emails the evening before if weather looks like it could impact practice the following day. We will also try to post any weather related issues on the  Goodman Waves Swim and Dive Team Facebook page

The short answer and best way to stay informed is to check your emails. If there becomes an immediate threat after practice has begun, the athletes will be taken to the locker room until the end of practice. Please consider coming earlier to pick up if bad weather is occurring. 
Finally, participation of your athlete is up to your discretion and you are welcome to keep them home.‚Äč