Social Media Success

Being a part of Biloxi Indian Swimming is an honor and a privilege.  You are role models to younger swimmers, your fellow students and members of the community.  You are held in the highest regard.  As leaders, you have a responsibility to uphold the reputation of yourself, your team, your school, and your family in a positive manner, at all times, throughout all outlets.

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media continue to increase in popularity.  The majority of your teammates and members of your school use these social media sites in one way or another.  Let’s be responsible.  

It is critical that you understand the impact your social media sites can have on your life.  Everything you post, whether deleted or not, can be retrieved and easily accessed by future schools and employers.  Your future college scholarship could be at risk if you are posting inappropriately on social media.  This includes all past/future pictures, videos, and comments.  Schools look at your Instagram, Snapchat, twitter, and Facebook and they investigate you to see if you are the type of upstanding student-athlete that they want at their school. 


  • Be positive, supportive and professional.  Make us proud.
  • SHARE THAT INDIAN PRIDE!  Celebrate your victories.
  • Think twice before you post.  View and review and ask yourself… would I want my coach, my principal, my athletic director, my grandma or my college recruiter to see this.
  • Tell your teammate when you think they are risking their future by posting inappropriately.  Be an advocate for your teammates and help them out. 
  • Set your control settings so that only your friends can view your profiles.


  • No pictures, videos, or comments that condone tobacco, alcohol, or other illegal drugs. 
  • No pictures, videos, or comments that are sexual in nature including links to other websites.
  • No content that is unsportsmanlike, derogatory, demeaning or threatening towards any other person including your teammates, coaches, teachers, competitors, or classmates.
  • No information that is sensitive or personal or private.   
  • No content that would be a violation of NCAA rules, essentially effecting your ability to attend your dream school and secure a scholarship.