AgonSwim – New Team Suit, Duffle Bag, Towel, Flip Flops, Shorts

  • ORDER LINK  www.agonswimjulia.com/college-park.html

  • Online ordering

  • All Apparel Orders need to be placed online by the athlete’s families.

  • POST January 13th, online orders will be taken and will be fulfilled back to the individual who placed the order through AgonSwim; there will be some shipping fees applied to the order.  AgonSwim does have an expedite process at a cost to get orders in quickly if needed. 

  • We will have access to the try-on kit thru the first week of February.

NorCal Swim Shop – Sweats, Parkas, Polo Shirts, Jackets, Back Pack, Workout Equipment

  • ORDER LINK  http://swimshop.tuosystems.com/stores/collegepark-highschool

  • POST January 13th, online orders will be taken and fulfilled periodically as items are received at Practice or Meets. 

  • Athletes are encouraged to get their own Paddles, Fins & Snorkels along with a mesh bag as they will be used at practice throughout the season.  The equipment bags can be stored at the CP Pool in the alley area.  A limited amount of equipment is available to borrow for the season, but exact sizing is not guaranteed.

All apparel is available for Athletes and Parents to show our school and team spirit.


  • Latex Caps – Will be given out to all swimmers at the Team Meeting & Time Trials and replaced when necessary during the season.

  • Silicon Caps – Available for purchase at Team Meeting, Time Trials & all Meets for $15.

CP Swimming Polo Shirts

  • Team Uniform for home & away meets.

  • New Swimmers will receive Polo Shirt at Time Trials – Please ensure that your athletes Shirt Size was entered on TU when you registered or it can be updated on your account.

  • New Polo Shirts can be order thru NorCal Swim Shop with the online order system.