Team History

(written by Marisue Horton)

Hawks Landing Pool & Tennis Club opened in the summer of 2004. The pool and facilities are owned and run by Jeff Haen. From the very beginning, we were fortunate to have great support for organizing a swim team. The Hawks Swim & Dive Team was organized the same year. During our inaugural year, the team (~45 swimmers & ~15 divers) participated in two local events and hosted a dual meet and invitational. Hawks petitioned the All City League at the end of the 2004 summer. Prior to a league vote, we headed into 2005 with a list of requirements to fulfill. We continued our participation in events and accomplished all the prerequisites.

We were welcomed to the All City League in 2006, taking the place of a dissolved Cherokee Country Club. With 60 families we hosted our first home meet against Middleton. We received many compliments and with great pride, Hawks continues to organize some of the most efficient dual meets in the league. We may be small, but we challenge ourselves; being the only team in recent history to send Ridgewood home before noon! (after all…it’s all about time)

Hawks has been honored to have some the best local coaching staff in the area. Without the strength of our inaugural coaching foundation (Joel Mensch & Stacey Johansson) it is difficult to believe we would have come this far. Our athletes experience swimming with an entertaining, knowledgeable and talented staff; many who continued the sport into college. We thank them and pay tribute to their team achievements:

HOST: All-City Swim Meet

31 swimmers in event finals
7 All-City Swim Event Champions
3 Double Event Swim Champions
4 Relay Champions (Girls: 8&U & 9-10; Medley and Free)
3 All-City Swim Records
9-10 Girls Age Group Champs
7th Place in Team Results (Score = 1399)
Recipient: Efficiency Trophy

1 All-City Swim Event Champion
25 swimmers in event finals
9th Place in Team Results (Score = 824)
Recipient: Efficiency Trophy

1 All-City Swim Event Champion
1 All-City Swim Record
23 swimmers in event finals
4 of top 8 finalists 8&U Girls Backstroke
8&U Girls Age Group Champs
11th in Swim Team Results (Score = 684)

HOST: All-City Dive
6th Place Dive Team
11-12 girls – 5 of top 15 Divers
1st Place 11-12 Girls Dive
11 swimmers in event finals
Team Score = 263.5

6th Place Dive Team
1st Place 10&U, 11-12 Girls Dive
2 All-City Swim Event Champions
Honorable Mention Food Drive
14 swimmers in event finals
Team Score = 232

Earned Food Drive Trophy
6th Place Dive Team
1st Place 11-12 Girls Dive
6 swimmers in event finals
Team score = 182

Our greatest accomplishment has been our participation in the All-City Food Drive. Hawks Swim & Dive Team has raised the bar to inspire and challenge the league. The Food Drive is a great community effort and considered our highest reward.